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Further Afield / Re: Taken Under Wing
« on: June 14, 2020, 04:58:45 AM »
((OOC: I'm also assuming that as Gwaihir's daughter, Arahin never had to fight for space nor exactly gain her name, but she also was expected a lot more both by her father and the other Great Eagles. Nothing is free, even when you are entitled. LOL.))

Being the daughter of Gwaihir was sometimes a burden to the close to a century old Great Eagle. Everyone expected of her a certain behavior because she was born, as was her father and uncle before her, with the burden of carrying on Thorondor's legacy. Arahin never backed down from what she was asked to do by her father, taking the Ambassador job and being his voice for the other free peoples of Middle-earth with pride and performing to expectation. It was a great honor reserved to few. She was aware of that.

It wasn't due to problems that Arahin was now leaving that position behind. She just wanted to do something more in tune with her own nature, which was the defense of the nests, and she had promised her father she'd train a successor to be as dependable as she had been during her years of service. Meeting Lach a year ago when returning exhausted from a long travel to Lindon was pure chance, but a welcomed one to Arahin. She could see in the younger female eagle many of her own characteristics from her younger years. 

No eagle dared enter Gwaihir's territory without prior invitation as they knew that it was the resting place of their collective leader and his kin, but none of the defenders expelled Nauroval as she approached. She was expected that morning for her training. Arahin was waiting in high ground above the mountain for any sign of movement beneath and when her acute eyes saw her apprentice, she descended in an deep dive movement only opening her wings once past where the younger female had perched, soon landing and folding her wings beside Nauroval after just a couple of wing flaps. It was important not to waste energy today.

"Good morning, Nauroval." Arahin greeted back with a head shake and a happy low guttural noise. Nauroval was now more than just the eagle she decided to take under her wing to teach the ropes of the ambassador role, they were friends. The older female knew that certain eagles were not happy with this arrangement, implying that Nauroval had only gotten the position because she had managed to somehow deceive Gwaihir's daughter. Like she was easy to delude. Those eagles received the discipline they were entitled to for disrespecting her intelligence and the attributes of her chosen successor.

Arahin tilted her head at the gift in thought. She was considering if she should take it as a show of respect for her friend, but they were meant to fly high and long distance above the mountain range today and she was afraid the other hadn't eaten enough for the exertion they would be through. "Thank you, it is much appreciated, but you will need a lot of energy for the long and high flight we're doing today. I've had enough for myself." There was no sign of rejection in her voice, only worry for the wellbeing of the younger eagle. She hadn't told Nauroval what they would be doing today because an ambassador should be able to take an assignment at any time, even without previous preparation. 

"Today we're flying over the mountains to the other side of the range. I'll be showing you the safe places to perch and rest when missions demand flying into Eriador." Arahin explained. She had already taught Nauroval where each place was and the approximate distance in flight time. Now she would begin to show her apprentice how to actually fly to those places safely. She gently used her beak to pull the rabbit towards the other eagle's feet.

"Don't be upset that I didn't tell you about it before. Sometimes you will receive a mission to which you weren't prepared beforehand. So it is part of what you should expect in the future." The older eagle explained that it wasn't anything personal. It was a necessity for Nauroval's future sake to be surprised in a controlled training environment.

((OOC 2: I hope this gives you enough to work and sorry for the vast delay in replying, Gard.))

Eagles / Re: Born To Be Wild
« on: May 06, 2020, 11:34:32 PM »
Arahin and Nauroval: Can't wait for this Eagle to see some posting action again!!!!

Arahin and Bilbo: Since the thread comes from Arahin's perspective, maybe I should start? I don't mind starting, if you don't mind waiting a bit.

Eagles / Re: Born To Be Wild
« on: May 01, 2020, 10:03:21 PM »
Arahin and Nauroval: I remember there was a plan about Arahin teaching Nauroval the task of ambassador when she herself wanted to leave it for that of scout and defender of the nests. If you still want to go with that, I'm game. Also, I've dug all of my posts as her and it seems that, for some reason, such thread never materialized. Let's fix it?

Arahin and Bilbo: It's possible they could have shared a few words. Arahin was there, but in the role of a scout. She attacked the Orcs to clean the path for the Company to be rescued by other Eagles. She didn't pick up anybody herself, but, exactly due to this, she was also one of the last to leave the place, which means she could have seen Aurhîn drop Bilbo onto Nauroval's back and she certainly scolded him for the reckless attitude. Then thanked Nauroval for her inconvenience, as having someone dropped onto your back in flight must not be comfortable and then she would've asked Bilbo if he was alright or if Aurhîn would need to be disciplined later for his behavior. Bilbo being Bilbo probably eased the situation on Aurhîn and then they could talk a bit before the final drop off zone is reached. Is that OK?

Eagles / [Hobbit + LotR] Born To Be Wild
« on: May 01, 2020, 05:43:38 AM »

This is Arahin, daughter of Gwaihir, who wants above all to be her own bird. She is brave and a bit inconsequential as she isn't an ancient creature like her father, being 100 during the Hobbit Era and 178 in the LOTR Era. Not afraid to make friends or foes on principle alone. She is noble and will help others if she can. She can be opinionated and talk back to whomever tries to scold her besides her father.

Friends, Arahin is a sociable bird and most likely will react according to how she is treated at first.

Foes, Anything that follows the Dark Lord is on her hate list, but Orcs are at the top.

Share your ideas for any kind of interaction beneath.

I’ll list here the links to the new threads that are hopefully coming so I can keep track of them more easily. No old threads were listed because the characters involved in her old threads are no longer played at all or by the same player. So I’m restarting from scratch with Arahin.

New Threads:
Normal Threads:
Thread: Taken Under Wing
Characters involved: Nauroval

AU Threads:

Plotters / Re: Breeze drifting on by
« on: January 02, 2017, 09:58:11 PM »
Arahin and Gwaihir: This seems great to me!!!!!!

Plotters / Re: Breeze drifting on by
« on: January 02, 2017, 09:51:01 PM »
Arahin and Gwaihir: I'm good to begin with the fall from the nest episode. I do believe I've written in her app that it was her mother who saved her, but her father certainly knew about it just after it happened. She was just too eager to throw herself off to fly away into the blue of the Misty Mountains without having fully fledged feathers. After this, she has learnt how to wait for the right moments, as much as any as young as she is anyway. It was surely a growth experience, though.

Who starts the thread?

Plotters / Re: Breeze drifting on by
« on: January 02, 2017, 09:07:42 PM »
Arahin and Gwaihir: Oh, I so loved that you've included Arahin in your app without me having to ask or point it out. I see this as a great sign of things to come!!!!!! *hugs*

That being said, let's plot them!!!!!

I have a feeling that Arahin may be a difficult child, yet she respects her father more than anything in this world and will do everything as he says. Gwaihir is the only sentient being she's never going to question the judgment of. All the threads for them are welcome!!!!! Fledgling Arahin with her deceased NPC sibling. The aftermath of the fall from the nest episode. She becoming his ambassador and later on his scout.

By the way, I believe we had an old plot that said that it was Arahin who had trained Nauroval as a new ambassador when she became a fighter/scout for daddy. We don't have to go with that though.

I'll just be happy with anything you guys decide.

Roleplaying Extras / Marbys' Thread Tracker (V 2.0)
« on: February 16, 2014, 09:16:00 PM »
Threads Owed:

Aurhin (present)
Nauroval (near past)
Dénor (present)

Threads Already Started: None

Plotters / Flying High In The Sky
« on: January 10, 2014, 04:34:00 AM »
Sure a family time oriented thread is a must without anyone whatsoever meddling in their business. LOL. He might be either praising her for her accomplishments or scolding her for her recklessness. You decide.

Arahin looks up to her father a lot. She will completely freak out and go on a rampage when she finds out that her dad was attacked by Orcs just as her mother was. She'll also love Gandalf forever for not letting him die like her mother did after such encounter too. So thread must really happen there too.

Plotters / Flying High In The Sky
« on: January 08, 2014, 05:41:00 AM »
I do believe they would strange each other a bit in the beginning if Aurhin is rarely around, but Arahin is brave enough not to feel scared at all and would in the end find a common ground with him. I can start the thread now if there is still interest. Let me know.

Post for Aditi is coming tomorrow. I promise.

This plotter is again open to all new ideas and any kind of threads (past, present or future) and relationships. I want to give this eagle some much needed action. So if you have any idea at all, no matter how crazy, I want to know about it. LOL.

Eagles / Flame and Running
« on: September 05, 2013, 02:32:00 AM »
I'm happy with them being friends. Maybe Arahin was sent to escort Nauroval in her first mission to teach her about the lay of the land and to defend her? It's true she is just two years older than Nauroval, but birds tend to be very fast learners once they fledge, especially when they are giant sentient eagles. LOL. So it's possible Arahin was sharing her experience with Nauroval so she could later go by herself? That's just an idea. It allows us much interaction with a purpose. If you wish the thread to be about something else, it's OK by me too. That was just the idea that came to my mind.

IC / Bird Meeting
« on: September 05, 2013, 02:20:00 AM »
Arahin was in a scouting mission. There was a lot of Orc and Troll activity lately east of the Misty Mountains where the home of her kin was located. They had to be pleased with the fact they nested above and not beneath the mountain, which seemed to be more infested with dark creatures than ever. She was flying leisurely, looking down with her sharp, far seeing eyes. She had spotted an Orc pack entering the mountain earlier that day and then flew further east to see if more were on their tail to report.

Her flying took her to the outskirts of Mirkwood forest. She had flown over those trees before as far as the city of Men called Laketown, but she was much to the south and a bit tired to cover all the distance to cross the forest. It would be best to turn back from here. Curiosity made her wish to go inside, but she knew due to the words of others that she simply was too large to fit into the space between the trees and the ground. That was a place she'd never be able to explore with her own eyes but for the little she could see through the canopies of the trees as she flies over them.

Never mind. That was a part of life. Arahin would never be the small size of a hatchling again. She was about to turn back as her hunt enhanced ears heard a small noise. As soon as her eyes saw the much smaller thrush, she got worried. Her strong flapping could cause air streams that could hurt the other bird throwing Aditi against the floor with much strength, so she stopped to flap her wings and just spread them as much as possible so she could just glide towards the ground.

Once that part of the problem was out of the way and she knew the other bird would be safe, she replied to the brave thrush. "I have no wish to attack you, little one. I'm Arahin of the clan of the Great Eagles. We don't eat bird kin, so you're very safe in my presence as I won't let anything else harm you as well. You're so small... Maybe you can tell me the secrets the forest hides from my eyes." Arahin's voice, though a little out of breath as she had been flying for a few hours now was kind and non threatening towards Aditi. Maybe the thrush could tell her if the Orcs she had seen earlier that day had come from within the forest or not.

Eagles / Flame and Running
« on: August 26, 2013, 12:40:00 AM »
Some eagle plotting is in demand!!! Arahin is the daughter of Gwaihir and I guess these two females might at least know each other. She is two years older than Nauroval and Aurhin. I don't know if they would be friendly or just respectful to each other. Arahin is trying to make a name for herself and get out from beneath her dad's wing. Quite literally. LOL. So if you want to thread these two eagles interacting, I'm game!

Plotters / Flying High In The Sky
« on: July 29, 2013, 06:46:00 PM »
Oh, sure! These two Eagles have to meet! LOL. Misty Mountains seem like the best bet for that thread maybe? Do you mind starting while I finish catching up with old posts?

Plotters / [Hobbit + LotR] Flying High In The Sky
« on: July 27, 2013, 09:15:00 PM »

So this is Arahin, daughter of Gwaihir, who wants above all to be her own bird. She is brave and a bit inconsequential. Not afraid to make friends or foes on principle alone. She is noble and will help others if she can. She can be opinionated and talk back to whomever tries to scold her besides her father.

Friends, Arahin is a sociable bird and most likely will react according to how she is treated at first.

Foes, Anything that follows the Dark Lord is on her hate list, but Orcs are on the top of it.

Share your ideas for any kind of interaction beneath.

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