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Topics - Éomer

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Edoras / One Should Never Be Remiss In a Brotherly Duty
« on: December 22, 2016, 04:56:26 AM »
There had been something different about his sister ever since he had gone to distract the Dark Lord from the fact the his destruction was so close and it had nothing to do with the fact that she had been healed of her wounds from attempting to save their uncle from death. He frowned at that thought. He had nearly lost his entire family that day: his parents when was young, Theodred less than a year ago, and now his uncle. And almost his dear sister. In the moments after he saw her fall and knowing that she was alive, he stopped thinking. All he knew was that he needed to go to her, to hold her once more before he lost her as well. He learned later from Gamling and Hama that he had charged towards her without thought to his own safety.

And to see her well and happy, or as happy as she could be with having lost their uncle, warmed his heart considerably. He knew that he would need her in the coming days as he adjusted to the new duties as King of the Mark. Yet there was still something going on with her, something he had never really seen with Eowyn before, though he supposed that there had been glimpses of it with Aragorn. And it seemed the Gondorian King’s Steward Faramir had been spending a lot of time with his sister. Or else the two of them were staring way too much at each other.

Not that he had anything against Faramir, in fact he did like the quiet, noble ranger. But liking the man and liking the possibility of said man liking his baby sister were two very different things to Eomer. He just needed to get him alone to find out the truth. Which came when Eowyn was off doing who knows what and Faramir was away from her, the only thing that was needed for this conversation to happen. Granted, he knew that unless he had a very strong objection to his sister’s suitor, which he didn’t but no one else needed to know that, there was little he could do to stop her. And there were far worse men than the Prince of Ithilien…such as Grima Wormtongue.

Eomer knew that he likely seemed a bit intimidating, and perhaps not wearing his sword (a habit he had not really given up) would have been better. But at least he wasn’t wearing his crown (the bloody uncomfortable thing). And he didn’t have any immediate plans to use Guthwine. But confronting your sister’s suitor needed some intimidation or else there would serious questions about Eomer’s qualifications, not as a King but rather as brother, which to Eomer was far more important. ”Prince Faramir, I’d like a word with you.”

Men / [LotR] Hope Has Forsaken This Land
« on: March 14, 2016, 04:44:14 AM »
So most people know who Éomer is (or who he will become). He is currently the nephew to the King of Rohan and the Third Marshal of the Riddermark, though he is currently banished. But he will eventually become King of Rohan and helps save the world from Sauron. But for now, he is a chivalric and serious Rider of Rohan, loyal to Rohan and its people.

Friends: He does have much time for friends but he would easily consider the men that follow him, even in banishment, his friends though his cousin and his sister are those he considers his closest friends.

Enemies: That would be anyone who wishes Rohan harm, or his sister. Or if you are creepily stalking his sister. He generally isn't very trusting of outsiders but isn't completely hostile to them.

Lovers: In terms of canon, he is going to be married to Lothiriel (cousin to Faramir and Boromir) and have at least one son with her. But before that, I can't see him really getting involved with anyone mostly because he is aware of his duties as a Marshal and how close to the King he currently is. Crushes are more than welcome but they won't go anywhere...

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