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Wanted Ads / Re: Wanted Ads 2.0
« on: November 20, 2019, 04:20:10 AM »
Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Centric (2941-3019):

Still not an Elf expert, I nonetheless have half formed ideas on Pellavan’s family. Namely that his parents are old and he probably has two sisters. Expanding on that to find some names, here’s his wanted ads, still left sort of vague and organic for any who take up any of them.

PM questions and for me to help you work through if needed. I feel like anyone coming to this will know of better face claims than I can think up/find for most of them.

I imagine both of his parents are First or first half Second Agers.

Dúnaer (Nightfall)
Father. All I’ve stated on him is that he does decide to sail with his kin for the Grey Havens and Valinor. After a no doubt heartfelt and hard talk between himself and Vestele. The way I have it imagined he wasn’t abandoning any of his girls or Pellavan, more it was only him because someone had to stay and see to Pel, still so young and still enjoying Middle Earth.

He probably believes in the job his son his destined to do for the various creatures of Middle Earth in the coming years.

FC: Alanna Ubach (negotiable)
Mother. The strength of her family after Dúnaer sails, and before. Stays in Middle Earth to see to Pellavan, and if you think for other reasons too. Open personality and most everything.

Oldest Sister. Probably around 2,000 something.

Next Older Sister. Similarly probably around 1,000 something.

So for both of these girls, and their parents, Pel really is the baby at 85. Personality and History, again, organic and open. Do they also stay with their mother and brother in Middle Earth? Meara most likely does though up to player.

Once Upon a Time AU / Assuming the Cost for Strays
« on: September 26, 2019, 03:36:12 AM »
{As ever let me know if stuff doesn't work <3}

Byron Buckley was not so sure where his power and influence, as a Veterinary Intern participant, began and ended but he was fairly certain he was about to push it and its boundaries. It probably did not give him the right to assign his own clients...

"Come on...I know a place that will help you with that...". He tentatively tried for a reach up under the golf cart, despite Head Park Ranger, Caleb Green's protests!

"You sure it's not a puma cub?", the man bent and shone a light up under his vehicle. Byron had been side-tracked from a very failed attempt at joining a rugby game played by four older boys when, on a stop to help him up after a ball literally knocked him over, Ranger Green had heard the rustle of a stray cat deciding to seek shelter under his golf cart, the dog following all but on its heels, and not Mr. Anders' nice terrier, but a still friendly enough lab owned by another park-goer who still might have had a less tolerable opinion of cats and bit the thing.

The lab was quickly set away with its owner, and Byron forewent the rest of his game he hadn't even been a part of to help with the cat. Mr. Green seemed embarrassed that, as Head Ranger, one cat was giving him so much trouble, and tried many times to send the dark haired boy away, but Byron's sense with animals seemed to help others also detect he knew what he was doing and in the end the man had little choice but to let him hold the pet carrier steady while he tipped his cart in such a way as to chase the cat towards it.

Byron would not insult adults, and not Mr. Green who was nice, but he did not exactly lift it, no matter how many times he said he did...

Byron was able to slam the door shut on the cat without one scratch on him or Mr. Green! He then assured the Head Ranger he could take him along to Dr. Hunt's office himself (he "worked" there!) and did not need help, thank-you, both Dr. Hunt and Mr. Lightbody would know about getting even a stressed cat from a carrier.

That assurance had seemed more likely in the park. After a walk jostling the cage that emitted noises every now and again, and now with said cage sitting in the thankfully empty waiting room, but for the woman at the other end of the room, who's dog was getting his teeth cleaned, and who glanced to it every now and again, Byron wasn't so sure...

Still he grinned hopefully to the receptionist.

Dr. Hunt and Mr. Lightbody were really nice people. Extremely nice! But all of this set up was so...precarious in its definition. He wasn't even getting paid in anything but chocolate chip cookies and unhindered access to animals (both of which were more than acceptable terms!).

He didn't fear either Dr. Hunt, or the more stable of definition Veterinary nurse, tossing him out so much as his teacher, who had recommended him for the internship, deciding he wasn't mature enough for the atmosphere after all, or his mother worrying over his being a bother.

Byron loved animals. Hence being here. But he did not want to become known as that kid that drug muddy animals in everywhere he went regardless of others...and the look of their current other client had him worried. She'd taken to determinedly not looking up from her magazine now.

Their also nice receptionist glanced up from her stack of papers she'd been filing to their intern's hesitant, waiting, look turning to a bright smile upon discovery (still tinged with nervousness).

"Um...I believe I recall that Dr. Hunt had a teeth cleaning, Mr. Lightbody available? Or...wait, he might be helping huh? I'll wait until they're done...but...I found a stray cat that needs help". As if everything else didn't make that evident.

The receptionist raised one eyebrow in mild impressiveness, "You got it into a carrier?"

"With some help, yes!", Byron grinned. Her mouth quirked in a smile and she paged for either Dr. Hunt or Mr. Lightbody to please come to the front, if available.

Rivendell / Re: [LOTR] Worries and Wanderings
« on: September 17, 2019, 03:02:41 AM »
Hobbits and Dwarves passed through Imladris again! More of the one and less of the other. Although Pellavan had been even younger than he was now, though not so much so as to not recall it, he recalled enough to note this fact. There were more this time, of course; representatives of Men and the Prince from Mirkwood. Things were stirring, but then Pel had already known that. While he wasn't grown yet, he was older and able to take in how...nervous a lot of the animals were whenever he did venture out to the woods surrounding Rivendell.

Nothing was directly harassing them yet, but...something was on the wind, as it were.

Pellavan could tell this even without his little terrier, Nárë, also pausing and sniffing the air, but in a still quiet way that had nothing to do with hunting. Both in size and manner, it was almost still unnoticed that a dog even resided in Rivendell. Nárë little more than a quiet presence at Pel's heels most of the time for the past seven years (so relatively short also in Elf spans).

She had never been officially trained, just watched Pel intently ever since she was handed over from the Dwarf he'd met on an exploration and aided, and as a sort of good-will gift and for said aid. No doubt she was a telling experiment, and if she could ever meet again her litter mates in Ered Luin, but in Pellavan's way with animals he just instinctively seemed to communicate what he wanted and needed with little more than a point or soft word and Nárë complied without ever a thought of not doing so.

Half the Elves around here didn't even know if she could bark, only having ever done so when other, semi-threatening, animals, outside, didn't take the first few clues that she and Pel wanted to be left alone, and mostly for her master's sake.

This didn't mean Pellavan wasn't, in many ways, still a normal child, if with a calmer manner than those of Men, and not needing so much guarding, nor Nárë a normal, calmer, dog. Bouncing a ball in Rivendell would be disruptive, but the tiny disk the child scooted with his foot in an open area was not so, and Nárë trotted over, got it, and brought it back.

The disk still scooted a bit wide on the next "kick" and as the terrier trotted out after it, she paused, tilted her head in curiosity at the Hobbit she spotted, though still in the shadows of some of the pillars herself, and yet waited until Pellavan joined her. The child gave her head a pat, both excusing her from the game and telling her to wait, in one move. He didn't know how Hobbits took to dogs. Even little ones.

After a lick to his hand, Nárë walked over to curl herself around a pillar and just calmly, and still curiously, watched.

The Elf child was arguably more curious, though, and thought a bit more, before turning back to his terrier. "Nárë, orva", he whispered. The terrier leap to her feet, happy to have a job, and trotted over to return with an apple carried by its steam. Pel had sent her since he knew she could move quicker and more discreet than even he could if he'd had to run over to the table.

Her actually getting to the bench and then fruit might have been disruptive...but it was probably fine, and still quick work.

Still, Pel took a moment to make sure no dog spit had transferred before walking up. Nárë going back to waiting by the pillar.

Gifts and or things of interest made conversation easier. He'd learned that before. As he walked up, he caught the statement that was the Hobbit no doubt just talking aloud, and looked curious, before he spoke aloud before realizing fully he did either. "Which one of the others of you is Frodo...?", Pel caught himself a bit, and glanced down. Maybe he didn't want to answer. ", I'm sure they're much like you have at home, but...would you like an apple?", Pel handed over his good-will offering of a sort, though one wasn't needed with Hobbits maybe. There was no tiff there. It was a lucky Elf (and Elf child) who saw more than one!

Rivendell / Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« on: September 17, 2019, 02:54:13 AM »
{I have it set TA 2964 but can tweak that for ease of participants}

"Hold on, I got you...", there was a calm to the young voice that was not reflected in the darting eyes as Pel gathered up a few more bits of twig and vines and stuffed them into the sack he'd brought along. When he felt it was adequately padded, he then reached over, gently, and lifted the tiny Goshawk chick up and into the conveyance. He then just as carefully slung it around his back, leaving the flap open. He would have preferred the front, for better cradling, but then he couldn't climb as well.

Pellavan glanced up at their destination and the nest in the tall, broad, oak of the near by forest. This was going to be tricky he knew...

But for the tiny Goshawk now in his care, he placed his feet where he could get a good grip and slowly hoisted himself up, using a few Elven daggers he'd brought along to help the job to further steady his ascent. From her nest, the mother watched, seemingly knowing he meant no harm to her or her offspring. Pel was glad for that connection his kind seemed to have with the natural world, and which served him very well indeed!

Of course he was in danger of being an Elf to next be criticized by Saruman in the likes of the Wizard Radagast, and for too firm a connection there, but if the Istari really cared to even give the small Elven child the time of day enough to pass this thought on, Pel still wouldn't be bothered by it. Not even if he waited a few centuries or millenia and delivered such when he was grown.

These were just things the observant child had heard of, and despite his wandering track of mind, he kept the other part of his focus upon his task; his foot slipping was not an error of step, just the bark giving way, and his hand-holds preserved him.

He soon righted his footing and listened for sounds from the goshawk chick to tell if it wasn’t alright, rather than asked, before pressing on.

Using his daggers as final footholds, he hoisted himself onto the branch finally and carefully brought the pack back around, grinning at the chick inside. "Here we are!", he lifted the tiny thing over back to the nest, smiling as the mother bent over to check it and not even flinching as she fed it in case it was hungry after that ordeal.

It was sad some things had to die for others to live, but it was Illuvatar's way, or maybe it wasn't and the Darkness had brought it on even from the beginning. Pel pondered these matters a bit deep for even his still small Elven frame on his way back down to the ground. After stowing the daggers again, he made quicker time down, letting himself sort of slid, controlled, down the trunk instead of purposefully climbing, as he had up.

OUaT Character Profiles / Byron Buckley
« on: September 17, 2019, 02:52:18 AM »

Name: Byron Buckley

Age: 12

Occupation: Student/Internship Participant at Dr. Hunt's Vet Clinic

Background/Personality/Appearance: What made Pellavan happy in Middle Earth was never quite being alone even in a peaceful city where it seemed you were, and always being able to find animals to help. Here he's been denied both, or they've become more difficult. He still has his mother, but she often has to work at Miss Lee's bookshop. It's not a bad job, and her manager's fair and friendly enough when he visits, but pets aren't a good mix with the nice carpet and chew-able books, so he's been discouraged from getting any. That and since his mother's schedule is so hectic it's enough to make sure he's taken care of, let alone throwing a pet in that mix.

Byron does well at school and enjoyed taking over (since he was about the only one who showed any interest) when, first year of Secondary or no, they had a class hamster to help the kids acclimate! In fact his teacher took notice of what a good job he did, so that when they inevitably had to retire the idea to focus on their work, she put in a call to the local Veterinary Clinic to ask if they did any internships and recommend the boy.

Despite being nervous his first day, it was a perfect fit, the place not too over staffed and Dr. Hunt and even Mr. Lightbody nice and encouraging in their own way. Byron quickly put aside any fears of his being bad with blood and took in all the explinations with rapt attention. Since he's just Interning all he really does is stop by after school, make sure things are stocked, comfort the animals before procedures, and enjoy cookies in the break room, but he's good at that and especially the last two!

He doesn't have a favorite client or animal, that would be unfair, but since registering the pup, Mr. Fritz Anders had stopped by with sweet little Chip a time or two and one time he got into some thorns and Byron had the oddest feeling even just helping comfort the pup while Dr. Hunt got the thorns. Sort of like déjà vu only still not quite right.

Elves / [Hobbit + LotR] In a Shadowed Dawn
« on: September 17, 2019, 02:49:40 AM »
At 85 in TA. 3019 , this one is still a very young Elf, and can most often times be found seeking nearby creatures to aid a little past Rivendell, his home. He's respectful about other's space and won't just bring a herd of various animals full into a meeting hall he wasn't invited to to tend to them, but he will bring them into Imladris with him and...they can get away from him. He's usually dealing with one creature at a time though (not counting his ever present terrier companion). Any travel anywhere significantly away from Imladris would have to be accompanied by an Elf with more centuries under their belt, but he is eager enough to see new things and would gladly follow a friendly guide.

Friends: He tries to make these easily. It's apparent not every Elf in Rivendell knows what to do with him, and if he senses someone just don't like young ones, he's very apt to just quietly take himself elsewhere and think no less of them for it, but if you give him an inch of attention he'll take a mile. Gravitates towards those willing to "watch him".

Of course he's also prone to naive misunderstandings of youth in that if someone don't like his animals he feels they don't like him. To a small extent with the rescued ones but a larger extent with his dog, Nárë.

Enemies: Mostly Evil Forces. He probably tries to make the best case for giving Wargs, and to a smaller extent Giant Spiders, a kind of benefit of doubt, but even he senses they are not the typical kinds of creatures of Illuvatar (and he's heard enough vague history to know this as well).

Roleplaying Extras / Re: Gard's Lot
« on: September 17, 2019, 02:46:49 AM »


Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause {-}

Worries and Wanderings {Sam}

Once Upon a Time Threads:

Assuming the Cost for Strays {Farran, Andrew?}

-All the OUaT Vet thing!

Chat & Games / Re: Freaky Friday
« on: September 05, 2019, 03:26:21 AM »

"Everything I say sounds long do I get to keep this?"

Chat & Games / Re: Funny Picture Wars
« on: September 04, 2019, 01:30:53 PM »
"No interrupting my song!"

Elves / [Hobbit + LotR] Pellavan
« on: August 15, 2019, 04:02:39 PM »


NAME: Pellavan
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Pel. I’m sure someone’s come up with something else endearing also.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): TA 2934 (7 in 2941) 85
RACE:  Elf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Dark hair and eyes, he still keeps his hair rather short (or for an elf, it only falling about his chin at most) but being still young, and trying to keep up with animals, he doesn't want it to be in the way.
EYE COLOUR: Dark Brown. They've been called soulful, but this may just be due to his general Elvish nature that sees more than you would expect out of any child looking as young as he is. Under a millennia is extremely young for an Elf and so wonder is also more often than not found in his gaze as well.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Slender, like most of his kin, Pel still fears he may come off a head under many of them, since past his Fiftieth year, many say he should have reached his Height if not Maturity limit. Still he had to look down at the latest visiting Dwarves and Hobbits to Imladris, so that's good!
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Even for a stoic Elf, child or no, Pellavan gives off the impression he is ready to bolt at a moment’s notice, and this is completed by his often rocking a bit on his heels. It’s not in too much impatience and more a bird in a tree probably drawing his attention.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  None, or none lasting. Tree climbing and horse or other animal riding scratches.
WEAPONS: Mostly his dog (for the decade he has her). He still sticks close to Imladris for the most part unless seeking something to aid.
FACE CLAIM: Malachi Barton

STRENGTHS: Healing, the extent of which is still speculative, but he has been known to aid an animal's recovery, even if it's all through a calming presence that helps the actual healers.

Calm Steady Nature also. He will tell you this more than any magical ability at animal whispering is why they seem to gravitate to him.

Respectful. Inquisitive.

Inclusive (there is no favorite animal and he can't think too badly on Dwarves even). Semi-Resilient, he doesn't let falling from a tree or waterfall stop him, though along with respect he will not climb where he is knowingly forbidden. Now not knowing. That's happened.
WEAKNESSES: Youth. While also what endears his kin to him, he is so young compared to so much of them, and with Sailing for the Undying Lands a consideration it's honestly, he feels, put an unfair burden on his parents.

He won't say he has any problems with it, but in what he himself feels a personality weakness he feels...something close to betrayed that his father chose to Sail, though he also would not have asked him to stay.

Telepathy (between other free-peoples. Animals he feels he's got, but they're simpler). He's still working at it and isn't sure if it's something you just will yourself to have.
ASPIRATIONS: Pel's mother has already made the choice of a mortal life (for him) and to not Sail and Pel also can not feel comfortable not only giving up so short a time of coming to see Middle Earth, but all the creatures in it who even in this time of peace could need his help. He would become an Animal Healer of course. Meeting Radagast is on a kind of Dream List!
FEARS: His short life being cut short, or even his parent's long ones. His father's choosing to Sail is something he still works at coming to terms with. Imladris' future with Lord Elrond Sailing too is actually not something he puts there, trusting the twins have it well in hand...though yeah the fact that no one has clearly stated what will now happen...
PERSONALITY:  A pretty happy kid all in all, and one who doesn't let Fate of the World bother him, or for an Elf who should be wrapped up in that. Pel lets the adults, and those with centuries of other battles and events under their belts, like Lord Elrond, tell him what he should feel about it all. For the most part, though he is given to his moments of doubting and wondering of course. He detects shifts in the Evil first and foremost through the animals, like a Wizard he's heard about and would dearly love to one day meet! Those in Imladris have often been told about how "the birds seem disturbed" or "the foxes won't come out" though even he doesn't know how much mind people pay to it all. and isn't too insulted if they don't. Pel's quietly confident enough in his own self and path to not be put out if others don't see it in the same light, though that's rarely happened, or said straight to the child.

HISTORY: With news of the finding of the Morgal Blade not yet known, Pellavan's birth was looked forward to with joy and awe, his parents, like Elrond, trusting in the hard won peace that Gandalf would shatter in just a few years. Though of course it wasn't him. For all the advantages his kin have over him, in their eons of more experience, many Elves also go many of those eons before seeing a Dwarf, where as Pel peeked at Thirteen of them from around a corner at Seven! And a Hobbit! He was little more than a toddler, but his advanced speech gave him an air of being older, even if upon discovery he was given to giggling and darting back around the corner.

By Twenty he was climbing trees after animals and having very deep, one sided, conversations with them! Life progressed pretty uneventfully until in his Seventieth Decade, he saw Dwarves again, or one, out beyond Rivendell and while exploring. Truthfully he found the cute, spunky, terrier with him first! Caught in a thorn bush! Despite the Dwarf’s protests (after his shock enough at an Elf child!), Pel helped gently release the dog. He knew it might be unfair, simply impressing the Dwarf with what was essentially a calming manner, but he also managed to get the thorns himself, and without help from the actual healers of Imladris (where the Dwarf, Fritz, was not keen to go), and patch the dog up well enough, with instructions on best continued care also.

Fritz still guarded some facts, like Dwarves would, but made a surprising offer he kept and returned a month later to get near enough to the city to hand over a weaned puppy! Related to the one he'd helped he said. Of course when this made Pel asked what Fritz's name meant in a telling question, he still wouldn't give that secret Dwarvish name of theirs, but translated it to fire and so Pel called the puppy Nárë.

A companion such as her still doesn't undo Not Having Favorite Animals, and he is surprisingly resigned to how short of his life she'll in fact share, though he thankfully still has her at only Seven by 3019. This time the smaller Company of Dwarves were accompanied by more than one Hobbit and many from different areas of Middle Earth, just proving something was up and that the animals were right, an Evil was spreading.

AGE:  Nope
EXPERIENCE:  Ah you know.
CONTACT:  Discord mostly.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  *fluffs corner pillow*

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