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AU Adventures / Re: True Colors Beyond Shields
« on: July 02, 2019, 12:15:14 AM »
Eofor couldn't help but smile as Bard's nephew forgave him for his transgression. Sure, Eofor himself might not have been nobility, but he should have realized treating the nephew of a king could have profound effects on the relationship between the two kingdoms - namely, some threats could escalate a minor situation to a much worse one.

He finished his drink and got another one with Eothain. The beer might have been weaker than usual, but the mead was good - that and seemingly good company.

"Well, I am glad, and I would count your blessings and keep on watch, they have already grown in number in Dale, but then Dol Guldur spat out a fair number. Hopefully they won't continue South into Rohan and Gondor."

"Sadly it's true, but I wouldn't say it's King Thranduil's fault, they've been coming from Mordor as well and that's part of what we came south checking on."

A single sip of mead, the sweet flavors of honey and fresh fruit lingering on his tongue.

"If you would like me to try and help you all look into what Eothain and I can do to help, I will request permission for he and I to take leave to help you all with the investigation."

Edoras / Re: A Friend Like Me [Eofer]
« on: May 23, 2019, 04:36:20 AM »
Eofor couldn't help but smile despite the scowl the young maiden had been giving him. He had never intended to seem rude to her despite seemingly coming across that way. He watched her lower the blade.

"No, I don't need help with anything, but I can spar. If you would like to spar with me, I'd be glad to spar with you. I'm Eofor." He took a swig of his water, setting the wine-skin down.

"It's good to meet you, ma'am," he said somewhat sheepishly. He had never been particularly eloquent, and that was mot definitely showing now. 'Damn it,' he thought.

"What weapon would you like to use? And have you met Eothain? He's the lad with bright red hair - you'd often find him in the stables, when he and I aren't on duty or sparring. Or spending time together in general," Eofor chuckled.

Anyone who had known him or Eothain would know just how close the two had been since they were both but young boys, dreaming of being knights and riders one day. Even if the two had spent so much time together sparring and riding and hunting, occasionally sneaking off to the woods, anyone who knew them knew just how deep their friendship was.

AU Adventures / Re: True Colors Beyond Shields
« on: May 22, 2019, 04:43:42 AM »
Eofor couldn't help but just nod. Sure, he might have taken things far too personally, but then again, with all the things he had heard - about his marriage, about how he shouldn't be with Eothain, certain people cutting him out of his life - would it be so hard not to take it personally when they left the table? Not to mention insulting the care of the horses - Eofor always cared deeply for the horses, so that was insult to injury, to say the least.

Gard must have thought these were good men.

"Indeed, I am glad to have that protection - though I would add that I can handle myself in a fight should it come to that. And indeed, Eothain and I both are part of the Kingsguard."

Another swig of ale.

"Your uncle is King Bard?" Apologies for the... outburst from earlier. I should not have gotten angry, considering..." his voice grew quieter and trailed off as he spoke. He glanced at the icon beneath the black cloak.

"Indeed, it would seem as though our positions are similar," he nodded, ordering the group another round of ale. He smiled.

"As for the orcs, I have not heard anything of them running over Rohan or Edoras. I do believe we would be sent to investigate, though," he chuckled.

AU Adventures / Re: True Colors Beyond Shields
« on: May 16, 2019, 02:41:30 AM »
Eofor couldn't help but frown as he saw the young man's companions leave. Even if they... didn't understand his preferences in bed, per se, couldn't these folk obviously tell a loving relationship from one where there was no love, no affection?

Either way it didn't matter.

The damage had already been done, the blows dealt.

A quiet sigh could be heard from Eothain. "Most of the only trouble that we've dealt with is situations like what just happened. People leaving, that sort of thing. Thankfully, people understand not to start a fight with a King's Guard, but still..." his quiet, rough voice faded. "It just gets frustrating to constantly be dealing with that, y'know?"

He took another long swig of beer, buying another and a round for the rest of the table. None for the companions who left, though. "I'm not saying people need to feel the way that I do, it's just... I'm no different from anyone else because of it."

He glared over at the other two people who had left.

"And no, it's not common, in Edoras." He growled at the other two men, just loud enough for them to hear it.

AU Adventures / Re: True Colors Beyond Shields
« on: May 14, 2019, 05:34:38 AM »
The young blonde-haired outrider turned around, smiling at the newcomer who had entered the tavern. He smiled at him, squeezing the hand of the broad-shouldered redhead next to him, pulling out a seat for the new man, dark of hair.

"Greetings! I know the tavern is quite full right now, but if you need a place to sit and rest, you are more than welcome to join me here!" Eofor took a swig of his wine, glad to have his newlywed husband, brother-in-arms, and childhood friend Eothain by his side. The two had known each other since they were but boys sparring with wooden swords and axes, and had served together in the same Eored, eventually being promoted to captains. They may have had to split, but then Eothain proposed, and then they married, only a few days ago in fact. The ceremony had been a simple one, for sure, but that was all they had wanted - with friends and family.

A grin covered Eothain's face and he pulled his thick cloak around his husband, squeezing him playfully and smiling.

"I am Eofor, and this is Eothain my newlywed husband. We've both lived here in Edoras our entire lives. A pleasure to meet you."

Edoras / Re: A Friend Like Me [Eofer]
« on: May 10, 2019, 01:24:31 AM »
Eofor dismounted his chestnut brown stud and approached the young woman, watching her aggressively fighting with... a straw man? Surely, that couldn't be right.  He took another glance and...

It was.

He cast a smile over to the red-haired lad working the stables. They might have had a day off, but it didn't mean that either Eofor or Eothain would be stuck around doing nothing - usually they tended to the horses.

Today would be a good change of pace. Eofor had always enjoyed sparring, even if he hadn't been particularly good at it.

And even if he had begun to thought maybe his interests lay with men - particularly the red-haired Eothain he had cast a smile at earlier - instead of women, a friend was always a good thing to have - most certainly in dark times like these.

He quietly approached, offering the maiden a smile.

"Hello there."

The reply was sheepish, and the lad was quite clearly shy.

"Hopefully I don't make a fool of myself," he thought as he took another sip of the bottle of mead. Even if it wasn't great, it was good enough to help keep him cool from the heat of the day and the horses and training.

"I'm Eofor."

Edoras / A Long Day of Training [Eomer]
« on: February 19, 2018, 04:00:24 AM »
The sun hung high in the sky, keeping Eofor warm as the young Kingsguard swung at the straw dummy with his longsword. Sweat dripped down his face, the salt slightly burning his eyes as he stabbed the figure, straw and cloth ripping open and flying out.

To say it was warm today would be an understatement, to say the least. Gods, the humidity was awful, thick in the air and sticky as well. It made the training that much worse - everything felt heavier, slower. At least soon he could take a break and get some water or ale or something, at the very least.

Screw it, I'll sit down anyway. Gods, it burning out here.

He quietly found a seat in the shade underneath a leafy oak, the cooler temperature and breeze a welcome relief from the heat and humidity of late summer. He unhooked his wineskin from his belt, taking a long swig of the water inside it. To say that the temperature was cooler under the tree was an understatement - it certainly felt almost ten degrees cooler. It was amazing, and the relief was more than welcome.

He turned his head, watching the nephew of Théoden King approach the yard. He nodded at the man, calling out, "Hullo there!"


Men / Re: Eofor
« on: February 19, 2018, 01:45:32 AM »
Thank you! It's fine, life comes first.

Men / Re: Eofor
« on: December 26, 2017, 04:44:05 AM »

Men / [LotR] Eofor
« on: December 21, 2017, 10:14:12 PM »


NAME: Eofor
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): April 9, T.A. 2998/ 21

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: His hair is a wavy dark blonde. 
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  he has a broad, muscular build, and is 6'2". He weights 200 pounds.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  He will often wear a simple blue tunic and brown leather boots, along with a blue cloak and a silver brooch as well as a silver ring with a lapis lazuli on it. WHile on duty, he will wear a green cloak with his silver brooch, as well as a coat of chain mail.
WEAPONS:  steel longsword, steel handaxe
FACE CLAIM:  Tom Hopper

STRENGTHS:  Physical strength, loyal
WEAKNESSES:  Idealistic, overprotective
ASPIRATIONS:  His goal is to get married and ultimately have a family with Eothain, as well as protect the people of Rohan as best he can.   
FEARS:  He worries about losing the people close to him, as well as what will happen if a bad king comes to power.
PERSONALITY:  Eofor is an incredibly kind young man, always more than willing to help the people of Rohan whenever he isn't on duty. He is humble despite being a member of the Kingsguard. He is very proud of his relationship with his fiance Eothain, and doesn't really care if other people tell him he is wrong or unnatural - he is happy to have a wonderful fiance and hopefully soon, a husband he can start a family with.

Despite this, he is incredibly protective, almost overprotective of both his love and his king. He wants to make sure everyone is well-protected and is more than willing to achieve this using whatever means necessary. He also is incredibly idealistic, and would rather base his ideals on those of his ancestors rather than what the situation calls for at any given time.

HISTORY:  Eofor was born in the city of Edoras on April 9th, 2998 T.A., to a young member of the Riders of the Mark, Éogar, and his wife Déorwyn. He was their third son and their third child, with two older brothers, Gárulf and Wulf, and a younger sister, Elfwyn. His childhood, while peaceful, often involved intense training from his father in both swordplay as well as horseback riding. He quickly grew to enjoy horseback riding and sparring, riding quite often with his brothers.

When he turned 17, he entered the Kingsguard, eager to protect the king from any harm he could. However, a young lad of 16 would catch his eye, Eothain. He started to question himself, unsure of how his family would react. He fell in love with the young man. He worried about his family's possible reactions every night for about a year and a half, before he finally had the courage to tell his family. He ultimately told them what had happened and where his preferences were. While they made the occasional joke about it, they were mostly accepting.

The two soon quietly cane out as a "married" couple - it may not have been a legal marriage, but to them, they were solely devoted to each other. They have faced mockery from the other soldiers, and worry about being denied advancement in rank because they are in love. They do not worry about violence, however, seeing as they are both skilled fighters. While Eofor and Eothain cannot do it now, when they leave the military, they wouldike to go someplace more accepting of relationships like theirs, maybe someplace a bit more isolated.
YOUR NAME:  thatguy
AGE:  19
EXPERIENCE:  I think two years
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Richard and Faranor
CONTACT: discord
not my first guy.

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