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Title: Some Good Reputation
Post by: Bilbo Baggins on July 17, 2020, 03:35:06 PM
So that was one footstool, but minus the chair it went with. Four of his forks, but the set of them seemed to have been split up...

Bilbo sighed and leaned his head back, not sitting within his most favorite armchair (he didn't have it back yet) but one of his wooden antique ones he was still glad to have back. Regaining possessions was exhausting.

Surprisingly so, given all he had endured along his journey.

He would have thought nothing could faze him after that, but arriving back to the Shire, and Bagend, into the midst of an auction of all of his belongings had been surprisingly jarring! He also knew that Lobelia Bracegirdle had always been...high maintenance (from getting her way too often as a child it was said) but had been able to avoid having to directly deal with her and kept these observations to agreements with neighbors or his own careful comments.

Trying to wrestle his spoons from her was an entirely different matter! And one he was still working on.

It wasn't tea time, still far too early for that, but one of the things with which Bilbo Baggins of Bagend had returned (not counting the troll smelling chest) was a less fussy nature in general, but especially about such things as times of day to do things.

Of course this did not translate to the insane idea of messing with Second Breakfast, or any of the other established meal times! But having tea early was not such a crime.

Hmm...two tea times? Could he slip that into the Hobbit Schedule? Well, folks weren't listening to him right about now, so perhaps not. Either-way, tea sounded very welcomed, and Bilbo rose to put on a back up kettle he had thankfully stored away, and which hadn't made it to the auction pile just yet by the time he returned. With its beat up condition, it had been no doubt  saved for the last Discount set of items, if the auction had come to its close.

That anything of his would be sold at a discount! It was still outrageous! Though Bilbo could chuckle at it a bit more than the old him would have.

Well the old him wouldn't have left his house to ransacked in the first place. Change enough had occurred for him to leave his door at all!

"Let's see...", Bilbo muttered to himself, "The good kettle went to...oh dear me...", he muttered to himself as he saw the name.

Well he would have to steel himself for that encounter, though proving he was back and alive and himself was proving very exhausting and draining in general!

Reminding himself that this was for the purposes of taking a break, Bilbo set his list aside, for the time being, and simple watched the kettle heat up upon the kitchen fire. Both to relax and...he wasn't sure if the kettle would make it, so it was also smart.

It did fine, and Bilbo soon added in the leaves, let it steep and then poured the tea into a cast off mug he was surprised those who gave it to him hadn't tried to get back for re-gifting purposes.

"Well, thanks to Holman the garden looks the same, let's go find some familiarity and comfort there", Bilbo spoke to himself (thoroughly proving the Cracked reputation that was beginning to take root) and walked out to take a seat upon his garden bench.
Title: Re: Some Good Reputation
Post by: Calaminth Noaks on July 17, 2020, 07:55:48 PM
Calaminth was having a splendid morning. She'd just come back from a gallop with her trusty horse Charisma about the fields just past Farmer Maggots' and was humming an old tune she'd learned from a passing dwarven traveler a few years ago as she headed along the winding road up the Hill. She couldn't quite remember the words, something about a good deal of mountains, and treasure, and a dragon (for how could one forget a song with dragonfire in it?), yes, that was all she could recall at the moment. Still, she went on with the melody and waved cheerfully to young Hamfast Gamgee as she passed his sturdy Hobbit hole. He gave her a squinty-eyed look, like he often did, and she winked right back. He blushed and Cal laughed merrily at how she'd flustered him.

Moving right along the lane, she came to the front gate of Bilbo Baggins' respectable home. His garden was looking mighty fine this morning, and Calaminth had a right mind to tell him so, though she didn't know the fellow too well. She leaned over the fence, but did not see him anywhere about and so stepped back, giving a 'hrmph' to herself. Behind her, a pair of young hobbits raced along the road and breezed right around Cal, and though she spun, she laughed. Always a playful sort herself, Cal got along great with the children of her neighbors and relations, though she'd never much thought of having kids of her own someday.

She called the pair, little boys, back and handed them two sticks of licorice she had wrapped neatly in her pocket. They thanked her, and just as they once more ran off, Cal heard the round green door behind her opening. Looking back to the Hobbit hole, she waved gaily to Bilbo Baggins as he walked out of his hole. "Good afternoon!" she greeted him, smiling, "I just meant to stop and say your garden looks splendid this fine day!"
Title: Re: Some Good Reputation
Post by: Bilbo Baggins on July 19, 2020, 04:58:01 PM
Before stepping out, Bilbo stood at his window for a small bit, both to take in his untrammeled garden, thanks to Holman's skill (and his gardener's young apprentice, Hamfast Gamgee had stood fast rather well as well, from what Bilbo heard), as well as watch out for any annoying neighbors. It seemed to be just the usual set of Hobbits passing along on their day to day routines.

Two young boys paused for a small bit before his gate. Bilbo smiled to himself as he watched them scan the garden, as if looking for a monster or something. Or a Cracked Hobbit.

He was becoming that neighbor, and he couldn't say he had any objections, though the old Bilbo Baggins would have have horrified at the very idea of being thought odd in any way, and especially in any way that would cause young Hobbits to peer nervously into his garden. Though they weren't quite all that scared yet.

Plus, if Bilbo entertained any notions of messing with them, it was only to further along and reward that Spirit he had had as a youngster and now reminded himself all young Hobbit should have! The boys moved along, after...Calaminth Noaks (Bilbo searched his memory and came up with the name) handed them something or other.

Well, from what he recalled, she was safe enough. Bilbo took the chance and exited his Hobbit Hole, to a friendly greeting, it turned out. "Good afternoon! I just meant to stop and say your garden looks splendid this fine day!".

Bilbo smiled and nodded to her, "Well thank-you, Miss...Noaks was it?", Bilbo questioned as he took a seat upon his bench. "And what would you be up to this fine day? Startling the neighbors with Charisma?". There was no admonishment in his voice, as he made sure his smile showed, and if he jested slightly, it was in good nature and he almost sounded like he wanted to hear the answer!

<<Just a small time note, this is right after Bilbo returns from his adventures so Hamfast Gamgee is still a young hobbit learning under his cousin>>
Title: Re: Some Good Reputation
Post by: Calaminth Noaks on July 22, 2020, 02:02:48 PM
Calaminth, cheerful, nodded at Mr. Baggins' questioning of her name. He took a seat on a merry little bench in his garden and she leaned against his fence as he asked her a bit more. She gave a laugh, noticing he was teasing. "Not quite!" she admitted, "That was yesterday's enjoyment! I even met an elf on the road, imagine that, in Hobbiton!" Her eyes sparkled with the memory. "In Hobbiton," she repeated, musing. She paused for a moment, then tipped her wide-brimmed hat back on her head.

"Folks say you've met the elves, Mr. Baggins," she went on, "the ones far over the borders of the Shire, and them even further ones." The young hobbitess seemed genuinely excited about this rumor. "I even heard you were kept prisoner by one!" Cal's cheeks flushed. "Not that I tend to listen to rumors, Mr. Baggins, only the ones about adventures."
Title: Re: Some Good Reputation
Post by: Bilbo Baggins on July 23, 2020, 03:01:47 PM
Miss Calaminth took his teasing in stride. Bilbo smiled, pleased to see he had caused no insult. He had been doing quite enough of that these days; and not intentionally. Though he would still take enjoyment from some of the neighbors' astonished reactions, if such was going to occur already.

She instead began to tell of her meeting with an Elf! "My that is something...", Bilbo said, as he set his cup upon a little wooden table he'd placed within the garden, and which had thankfully survived the auction. People's focus had no doubt been upon the more expensive items of furniture first and foremost.

"And in the Shire, you're quite correct. What will happen next...", Bilbo went on, with a smile to himself. Miss Calaminth Noaks seemed to guess what next.

"Folks say you've met the elves, Mr. Baggins, the ones far over the borders of the Shire, and them even further ones."

"Do they now?", Bilbo inquired, shaking his head, [color=0000cd]"Well, I've found folks talk quite a lot these past few days...and give even more outlandish claims..."[/color]. He dodged a bit with a small smile, before going on, a tad more serious.

"But do forgive me, here I have you standing at my gate. I promise you, my adventures haven't made me forget my manners quite so far. Please, do come have a seat on this other, fine stool within the garden if you'd like for me to answer some of your questions a bit more directly. Such as...yes, I did meet the Elves of Rivendell", Bilbo answered with a smile. "Lord Elrond himself included in that! Though I am also interested to hear about this meeting you had with an Elf yourself", he added.
Title: Re: Some Good Reputation
Post by: Calaminth Noaks on July 24, 2020, 01:50:46 PM
Cal gratefully accepted his offer of coming into his garden and opened the gate as Bilbo went on. He affirmed that he'd met the elves of Rivendell and her eyes widened. As she sat down, he asked about her encounter with an elf the other day and she was quite surprised. He really wanted to hear about that? Even after all the things he'd seen, he was still interested in her own small tale? How kind! Cal could see why he was so liked by his neighbors, even those who thought him a bit odd after his return from his journey abroad.

"Lord Elrond?" Cal asked, eyes starting to sparkle. Imagine: going to Rivendell one day. What was the Elvish name for it again? Imleder? No... Imladris! That was it! That was what the elf on the road had told her yesterday. She made note to mention that. Leaning forward a little in her eagerness, Cal clasped her hands upon the table. "What was he like?"
Title: Re: Some Good Reputation
Post by: Bilbo Baggins on July 26, 2020, 02:17:09 PM
His mention worked, as he'd half known it would, and Miss Calaminth Noaks seemed very interested to hear of Lord Elrond! And who could blame her? The Elf remained a larger than life figure (Hobbit's short stature aside) even after one had met him! Twice even!

Bilbo had expected some of that awe and wonder to have dissipated after all he'd seen since his journey's start, and in Erebor, as he and Gandalf passed back through Rivendell on their way to the Shire; but if anything he had been more in awe, and as pieces of what all Elrond had known came to light after everything with the Key and the Door had been put to practical use.

Not for the last time, Bilbo pondered how best to describe Lord Elrond, and shook his head with a soft smile. "I would love to say meeting him dulled some of that awe and wonder", he voiced some of his prior thoughts, "But it did not, though he was, and is, all I'd ever read of him. Kind, Wise, and oh so Gracious, especially to Dwarves who's manners were...shocking".

Should he go on and tell of the Dwarves? Of their suddenly being thrust upon him by Gandalf the Wandering Wizard?

Well, yes, but first it sounded as if Miss Noaks had tales of her own!

Bilbo had earned a new appreciation for all tales, after gaining a few himself, and hearing some Dwarvish one's from Bofur even.

"But it seems as if things within the Shire were not quite boring while I was away...Estate Sale planning aside. I shall get on with explaining all you have time and interest in of my adventures, Miss Calaminth, I promise, but first I would love to hear of your meeting with an Elf as well if you don't mind. Not that Elves in the woods are such a new concept, I tracked them myself when quite a little Hobbit; was it one of them?"
Title: Re: Some Good Reputation
Post by: Calaminth Noaks on July 26, 2020, 03:38:27 PM
Cal was clearly quite interested in Bilbo's description of Lord Elrond. She tilted her head in her curiosity and listened well, trying to conjure up the figure of the renowned elf lord in her mind, but doubted she'd come even close to his real image. She wondered if one day, she'd ever meet him. Something in her very soul had drawn to her since childhood, a feeling that she was not destined to live a peaceful life in the Shire and that she would die fairly young outside of it, on an Adventure, but she would die with a fulfilled purpose.

But back to Bilbo's words- the shocking manners of dwarves? He'd travelled with dwarves? That peaked Cal's interest even more than his words about Lord Elrond. She'd read and heard all the stories available to her about the great caverns of Moria, Belegost, Nogrod, even the halls of the elven king Thranduil. And, of course, of Erebor and it's demise at the hands of a dragon! Though Cal didn't much believe in those fantastical beasts. She wondered if Bilbo had seen any of these places on his great journey. Cal truly wished to visit at least one of them before she died.

"Possibly," Cal replied to his question about the elves, "but he was in such a hurry, I didn't even manage to catch his name." She gave a light sigh. "He said he'd come from Imladris- Rivendell, if I am right in remembering its name in the Common Tongue -and he was making for the Grey Havens with haste. Wouldn't say why." She chuckled. "Probably thought I was just a child, like many folk who haven't been through the Shire think initially about hobbits." Cal gave a shrug and readjusted herself on the stool. A bit more comfortable, she paused for a moment, a question on the tip of her tongue.

"I'm sorry if I'm too abrupt-" She grinned, showing she wasn't that sorry after all. "-but have you seen any of the great dwarven cities or monuments?" Her eyes sparkled. "I would love to see at least one of them in my lifetime." She perked up a bit. "And dwarves themselves! What are they like? I've met a few on the road, but if you traveled with a few or more of them, I think I may be right in guessing your opinions are more correct than mine."
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Post by: Bilbo Baggins on August 04, 2020, 02:53:41 PM
"Possibly, but he was in such a hurry, I didn't even manage to catch his name". Bilbo chuckled, "Yes, Elves can be quite secretive themselves". He'd once made the accusation about Dwarves also, and knew both races wouldn't appreciate being compared, no doubt! Elves could brush off your questions, and not make it seem abrasive though.

"He said he'd come from Imladris- Rivendell, if I am right in remembering its name in the Common Tongue -and he was making for the Grey Havens with haste. Wouldn't say why". He nodded that she had recalled that correctly. Honestly most people remembered it the other way, recalling the Common Tongue name of Rivendell and struggling (or not caring more like) to recall Imladris.

"Ah yes, that explains some of the haste as well. I have...a minimal understanding of it myself, even now, but the Grey Havens are apparently a--true home of sorts", Bilbo commented, and as he said, knew he was only partly right. It wasn't really the same as dying, and was leaving The Mortal Realm...

"So little wonder he was in haste to make his way there as quickly as possible, though still good that he stopped to talk to you".

And not just because Bilbo got to then hear of it!

Or his guest said perhaps her Elven acquaintance just took her for a child! Bilbo chuckled. "Or that I suppose".

"I'm sorry if I'm too abrupt--but have you seen any of the great dwarven cities or monuments?"

"Asking for stories is never too abrupt", Bilbo smiled, and knew that all of the Shire would not agree with him there! But he recalled when he had been a young Hobbit begging tales off elders.

Not that Calaminth was all that young, nor he all that old! Not yet.

Still, Bilbo didn't mind, not even when she threw another string of questions and tale requests to that!

"And dwarves themselves! What are they like? I've met a few on the road, but if you traveled with a few or more of them, I think I may be right in guessing your opinions are more correct than mine."

"Well I don't know about that Miss Noaks...", Bilbo began, "Dwarves are quite the mystery, and I don't know if any but their own can ever fully figure them out, but my travels gave me quite the insight you're right! Dwarves are...", Bilbo pondered how best to put it. "Abrupt themselves, and unabashed to just knock on a fellows door in the middle of the night, as I found out, when they came to meet up for their Quest. Yet, they're varied, as Hobbits are, and some can be quite polite and deferring". He thought to the contrast the first two he'd met, brothers, Dwalin and Balin, had presented. It was a perfect example of this, and each respective Dwarf had been who he'd thought of when describing the characteristic.

Still, it had to be part of Gandalf's joke, sending Dwalin first!

"The group I traveled with, and why they needed me--but that's a whole tale--anyway, they traveled for their lost kingdom of Erebor. It is so far the only Dwarven kingdom I can claim to have seen, repair at that. I am sure once Dain and his kin restore it a bit more it will be what a Dwarven city is meant to be, and if I see it again, which I plan to, I shall update you on what it is like. As for their closer kingdom of Ered Luin, that would perhaps be a more doable visit to old friends, though I've yet to see that one".