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Title: Open Communication
Post by: Dagmar on June 03, 2018, 01:02:39 PM
A little to the left..., it seemed like such a small thing, but Dagmar knew, everything had to be perfect. Including the cups lining up on the saucers. Admit it, you are obsessing! Fíli's first time over after officially courting didn't get this detail! The maiden pushed that thought aside, roughly even, and apologized to her late fiance even as she did such. She didn't mean to forget him, even for a moment, never would but...she needed to focus!

So much was riding on this. Everything in fact! Never-mind her youngest brother had already been married, a full week! That was what made the timing almost crucial. Dags had mulled over that too! She wanted to give the two space, but...also didn't want to wait too long before letting dear Líknví know of exactly how far her acceptance; nay joy! went. The girl had to be officially welcomed into the family not a moment too soon!

Dagmar wouldn't say she worried her own mother's reactions may have lacked.

A simple invitation to tea and biscuits, in an unused party room where to two could hopefully have privacy and she wouldn't have to worry about any of the boys coming through, was perhaps too casual, but Dags hoped it was just non-pressuring enough.

Of course conversation would be a sticking point without Fritz here, but...Dags felt confident she could make that work too! If she read an entire notebook of replies to her sunny questions she would be content and help it along even!

This was all about getting to know her new sister (Dags would even drop the technical in-law) and putting her at ease.

Fussing over proper social manners such as down to the detail of the cups may have seemed snobbish of the Noble's daughter, even rubbing it in Líknví's face, but Dagmar of course meant it in the opposite way. Líknví would get all of the attention to detail people once put to Dagmar herself! Pointless or no.

Liv's daughter then turned her attention to the tea biscuits themselves, and realized from what little Fritz had said that she had her work cut out for her even in selecting. Líknví apparently knew biscuits, making things herself, and so was likely to know if they were not good.

"There...", she stepped back and surveyed her work once more. "I think that will do it!". Now she just had to wait to see if Líknví would actually show.
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Post by: Líknví on August 07, 2018, 12:33:45 AM
It was all so overwhelming so as to be almost intimidating; of course Fritz would never make anything intimidating, not even the super personal and as his own hesitant reassurances on patience proved and guarded her hesitancies.

Not that her now husband wasn’t impulsive still, but it only made patience stand out the more!

She had a lot of in-laws to please though, and her mother-in-law most of all! Of course it was apparently always like that, and not to fault Liv either. She was only rightly so concerned. Kophas and Dagmar were easier in that she already knew they liked her, or didn’t disapprove at least.

The invitation to tea was proof of her new sister-in-law’s acceptance, and Líknví was grateful for the effort extended as it were, she was just also unsure for the same reasons Fritz had only dispelled so far even now, and Appearances and such things.

It shouldn’t be Lí’s fault if her new extended family looked bad in any way.

Yet Fritz, Kvas, Rian, they had all done so much over so many years to help her confidence, Lí tried to take some of it here to not disappoint her new sister also by refusing.

Still, even in a social fitting pale blue dress that many said went well with her eyes and Fritz had all but insisted she go pick out for herself, among other treasures, she tugged lightly at a plait bound lock held with a silver bird pin that was not Kvasir’s but had been about the only wrought metal she’d bought for its delicate from that even seemed to hold a branch and could be a dove and to have her own as it were.

Not that Kvasir’s own being her Something Borrowed hadn’t been so meaningful.

Straightening from her jitters, Líknví continued on, the sound of her boots almost being surprising still and after so long running about barefoot, soon reaching the door to the room and peering in.

Dagmar, she threw her made up sign for her sister in law, she was working on giving everyone one. Kophas was just a shoulder tap to indicate his bird, Andar’s sort of the signs for Gentle and Stable (the emotion) together. Dags of course was Sun and Bright in context at least, and if it came off.

Spotting her new sister, Lí walked in, giving a shy wave.
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Post by: Dagmar on April 25, 2019, 02:53:44 AM
Dags knew she wouldn't hear Líknví call to her when she came in (well, she could, but knew the girl probably would still feel more comfortable with her signing) and so kept her attention steadily on the door...and good thing she did!

Fritz had tried to explain it, that special feeling Lí gave by way of nicknaming, even in sign, but Dags hadn't fully got it until her sister had felt comfortable enough with her to tag her as well.

Of course hesitant explanations had to be given of what the words meant at times, Fritz was the Iglishmêk expert--though Kophas wasn't too bad--still...once Líknví had told what Dags' meant!

Not that she was the first to use Sunny as a description, in fact it should have reminded of Fíli a bit too much, much as her brothers used it too, was beyond touching!

She caught the sign now, and beamed! Feeling those emotions all over again as Líknví used it.

"Lí!", Dags was trying and threw those two cursory letters out in hopefully not too botched Iglishmêk as she approached to immediately hug her newest sister!

She also made sure to speak clearly as she stepped back, despite her grin, "Thankyou so much for coming! I know all of this is...a bit much, but it's just the two of us, don't you worry!", she squeezed Líknví's hands, "Oh, how are you settling in? Come, sit!", Dags next lead her over towards the table, trying, but arguably failing, to keep her cheerfulness from being too much.

”Scone?”, her enunciating clearly, and handing out and over the plate conveyed this offer once Lí was sat!
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Post by: Líknví on May 16, 2019, 02:30:53 AM
Líknví knew she wasn't quite original with Sunny, but...honestly it just fit so well! As Dagmar went on to prove by her attempt at Iglishmêk and hug! With a grin, Lí just as eagerly hugged her back. She had grown up around plenty of other women, but never claimed any of them as sisters and now...she was glad. Because Dagmar was so perfect of one.

She supposed in a way she got to claim Arndís as well, but Dagmar was her literally sister-in-law with on less step between, and she knew more firmly how Fritz's sister felt about her.

Líknví also, because Fritz kept nothing secret now that she was one of the clan, knew the particulars of the twins' birth, but...Arndís need not fear judgement from her. Líknví knew of so much worse, though to hear of one of Fritz's brothers falling from the pedestal she'd put them on too had been a bit discouraging. Still the child of a brothel would not comment.

Líknví could worry further about sussing out how everyone felt about her later and after this day with Dagmar though! Líknví wanted to tell Dags that when she got going, and for good, she saw similarities in her sunny sharing of words and Fritz's own chattering, but instead she just smiled and answered the questions.

Made a sudden decision of further trying on her end as well. "Tha's a gu''an ya...". She nodded and signed a thanks as she took the scone.

"th'an ya 'gan fa' tha' 'anva't, 'at...". Líknví sighed a bit frustrated with herself, she couldn't say this properly through her words, but feared her signs would be less understood.

I don't know what you know, but it means the world, though all your family...our family's great, and I'm sorry about the prince and I don't want to make things hard and...

Líknví dropped off her signing that had started flying off her hands also and sighed again. She gave a rueful smile and pulled the small notebook she'd brought just in case, writing this much of what she tried to say, then scratching out the part about the prince, but not restarting the page before going on.

You're doing good, but...I just have so much to say. I'm sorry if I shouldn't have brought it up, but I want you to fully know how much I'm here for you too if you need anything. I know Fritz probably told you, way back,'s still true.

But I'll attempt a normal tea-time without having to stop every five seconds to write.

I don't know much gossip though, I know, growing up around so many women I should

She handed over a slight jest with that last and showed it by smirking once she caught Dagmar's eye again, showing her her own sign of talking with her hand complete with a head-shake. "Na' a'fasal", she explained with another grin.

"Things are good....thank-you"
"Thankyou again for the invite, it..."
"Not official"
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As Líknví answered her back with spoken words, Dagmar couldn't be more delighted, knowing the Letting In that it represented and showed she'd earned. Oh and she wouldn't judge the sound one bit either, though she didn't know her brother had said the same as well, it was so special and sweet; and not as hard to follow as the younger Dwarf probably feared.

Líknví stalled on trying to get her words out fast enough, though, it seemed, resorting to signs, which Dags' green eyes fell to following just as effortlessly, she felt. The half-made-up sort of helping in that where it would perhaps be confusing it was intuitive. She got the gist anyway, and that was all that was needed. Dags glanced from Líknví's hands to her face to try to gauge her comfort level, keeping that reassuring smile and nodding every so often.

The Noble's daughter grimaced unsure though as Líknví had to fall to a third method of communication, already feeling like jumping in to reassure, but waiting out Líknví finishing and handing the paper over, next glancing up briefly to catch the further jest and grinning and laughing brightly to show she got it, before her look fell to more somber just with her own reassurances she wanted to convey and of course the mention of Fíli.

"Oh Lí don't have anything to be sorry for. He did, but...thank-you again for saying it...", Dags made sure to enunciate clearly as she smiled, reaching over to grip Líknví's hand and give it a small squeeze of further communication, "I...will probably always miss Fíli...not probably...", Dags went on to correct softly, "I know I will...", she hated that she blinked a bit, since it undid her point she was trying to get out.

"But I don't want you to ever let...what happened with me stop you from sharing every wonderful joy of your own, and not for my sake, for yours! I want to...share in it with you, the way we do when we watch the twins or...well any and all of it. And I'll read your entire notebook if that's the easiest way for you to convey your thoughts...whatever works best for you, but...there is nothing wrong in your sweet voice also and I can follow you perfectly so...never fear".

She then giggled, "And yes, I'm afraid gossip exists all across the board, and your sign is very...perfect,'s not exactly gossip if I ask you if you heard about what happened to my father just last week?". Chatting about one's own was not gossiping, and Anlaf was Líknví's father-in-law so it was just two sister's sharing between each-other, like Dags had said.

She gave Líknví her hand back to next pour for the both of them and then pick up her own tea cup as she went on.

"So, the Military General had stopped him and asked to speak with him at one of those parties even I'm losing count of. Fadi has to go to even more than we do, my mother making him and 'it being important and all'", her tone conveyed this was what Liv kept stressing anyway, and in nothing but a good way, before she realized tone didn't help Lí, but maybe her expression while saying it did also, "Well, they stopped right by a fancy ice sculpture...let me know if I'm not talking clearly also...and apparently the good General was talking Fadi's ear off a bit about defenses and such. He and Balin are still deferred to, he doesn't do this often mind you, but my father went and actually forgot himself in the midst of a social setting and in his patiently waiting out the General being done, leaned a hand upon said ice sculpture, almost toppling it. He saved it of course, or mostly, but...the head...", Dags tried and failed to cover a laugh, "I don't know what kind of bird it was supposed to be, and that't not an artistic criticism I just didn't see it, but the head was apparently in perfect position to get clipped by the beam as he tried to save it and it went spinning across the floor", Dags let more of her laugh out, "Oh, I wasn't there to see my mother's face but I wish I had been!". Mostly exasperated she would guess.
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Dagmar of course was instantly reassuring, and reached over to squeeze Líknví hand in support. The quieter young Dwarf smiled back. She didn't know of Rian's cousin's pondering, while on the road with Kophas, of...just quite the good anomaly this whole family was, but especially on the inside now, she saw it. Daily!

She wondered again if she'd messed up as her sister-in-law blinked, but Dags was soon moving past it as best she could and going on with her point. Oh so touching a point, that had Lí smiling the more she read, both in genuine emotion, and to show she did catch the words!

"And yes, I'm afraid gossip exists all across the board, and your sign is very...perfect,'s not exactly gossip if I ask you if you heard about what happened to my father just last week?".

Líknví's pale blue eyes sparked interest! A less than flattering story on the great Counselor Anlaf? Was there an action that spoke more of her inclusion? And she promised to guard it with all the safety one of theirs (as she was now!) would!

"Na', wa'..?”, she breathed. Of course it had been half rhetorical, and Dagmar thankfully went on anyway. She said more than she thought she said by way of the story, as Líknví had a feeling no doubt she knew. Lí gave one small nod, to show she was still following, perfectly.

Líknví's own laugh echoed in the hall along with Dagmar's, possibly louder than she'd ever let herself before, or when anyone but Kvas and Rian were ever around, and it was her own show that she let Dagmar hear it, though she could also have hardly stopped the sound if she really wanted to. The story was surprisingly funny, sure, but Dagmar's joy was just so infectious, even without being able to hear it; though Lí was sorry that on her end she missed the sound of Dags’ no doubt sunny laugh as well.

This was nice.

Lí turned her attention to what stories she might have worth sharing. She soon came up with one, but...

She smiled up to Dagmar again, almost shyly. ”Da’s i’ bre’ sa’ ru’ ta’ tal’ a’ Fizz?”, she wondered and asked. Was there some loyalty rule that stopped her?

She might have next moment feared such a question, if Dags prior words hadn’t reassured, and she realized she was not the one with the most ammo perhaps!

No, telling about ‘yesterday’ was the perfect share between sisters!

Líknví grinned, and bent to her book to write out the tale, knowing Dags would patiently wait her out as Kvas and Rian both did.

He put a shelf on upside down. Or crooked at-least.

Being a smith, I’m sure he thought he could fix anything, and a shelf was simple!

That wouldn’t be so funny but...he then tried to hide it. Not that I didn’t already know him enough to not be really surprised. Only he couldn’t, of course! First mug I tried to put on it, it slid right off!
I turned, shocked, but wasn’t going to say anything else on it. Up he jumps, and starts going on about the Bad Supports, like I couldn’t tell what had actually happened!

I just wonder how long he would have kept up Pretending if I hadn’t tried to put the mug.

Líknví pushed over this list of words, complete thought and story, and not over making Dags wait both, hopefully, and grin still in place from reliving to write out!

"No', what..?”
”Does it break some rule to tell on Fritz?”
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She'd gained a laugh for her story! A clear, unhindered, laugh from out of Líknví! Oh and it was such a wonderful sound! She was determined she was going to continue to do all she could to put her younger sister-in-law at ease and gain even more instances of it and like this.

”Da’s i’ bre’ sa’ ru’ ta’ tal’ a’ Fizz?”

Dags immediately caught the words and with interest sparking in her green eyes, shook her head. Well maybe she was lying and just too curious and maybe Líknví should pause to tell on Fritz but...she wouldn't tell!

"I don't think so, and I won't tell promise!", the still maiden, who thankfully wasn't to the point that people would throw around the word spinster yet, assured.

It was apparently a bit much for Líknví's words, and she turned to writing out the tale. Dags took a leisurely sip of her tea as she patiently waited. She would have all her tea functions be this, if she could, meetings she wanted and chosen by her and with genuine friends and family!

When Líknví had finished, Dagmar leaned forward with interested and, after checking she could, scooted her sister-in-law's nice leather bound book closer to read. A smile quirked one corner of Dags' mouth fondly as she began reading a tale that didn't surprise her in the least.

Being a smith, I’m sure he thought he could fix anything, and a shelf was simple!

He does, yes

Dags' smile grew as, off an idea formed before, and with her sister's before permission, she pulled from a pocket of her dress a bit of dyed charcoal she had utilized before and in coming around to a good way to try for that back and forth of conversation in the written form with Líknví as well.

Glancing up and actually commenting would work, but Lí would sort of be guessing to which statement and depending on how much she had written. Dags had filed down the charcoal thin enough to neatly answer in the margins next to Líknví's statements and all manner of colors were interspersed in between conversations of theirs like this, whatever color of dye she had on hand and had gone with really!

And carting slight specks of color on her fingers and self was nothing new for Dagmar and they were casual dresses.

She giggled as she read the rest of it and then, so Líknví wouldn't receive the answers out of order, and her stating her answer to the last statement before letting Lí read the first, Dags just daintily scrawled in the white space at the bottom.

Oh Lí! He would have taken as long as he could!

She pushed this over, and then waited for the other's blue eyes to fix on her again, a laugh in Lí's own smile, before going on.

"It could be years later, you could be updating to a larger house and selling that one, and Fritz would let you sell that house, with the sub-par shelf, and wait until the new homeowners tried to put something on it, watch as it slid off, and then state "how did that happen" like he didn't know!", Dags laughed.  "I'm sure I don't have to tell you, Fritz doesn't take miles for inches, he takes kingdoms! I have another story and I'll do one worse and write it out also in permanent markings for you to always have! If I may!". Dags motioned for the book again, to write out and ensure she didn't speak too quickly for Líknví.

Why, when he was naught but Ten years old, our parents let him stay out of doors a bit longer than usual, past when the sun went down, but just barely. He was in the company of two of our other brothers and our father and being shown hunting traps, so it was allowed. I wasn't there then, but next hunting trip, I went with them to gather flowers for paints and Fritz came with us.

Now, it's important to know the exact wording my father said that last time, because that is what Fritz used. He said, "he was being useful so why not let it go this time", or some such statement that amounted to this. So, on this trip where I was there, Fritz offered to help me gather flowers. Lí have never watched a child do so such a simple task as pick flowers as slowly as our dear boy did!

I was hiding in a laugh, and our father was of course more than a bit exasperated when he found us! I think Andi and 'Nar found it funny too. Fritz even claimed some of them were no good, of the five or so he had by that point, so he had to pick others.

Dags laughed and pushed this tale over to Líknví next.
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Dagmar gave a very honest answer to her question. Líknví grinned co-conspiratorially and also still just overjoyed at having such a sister-in-law. So she almost eagerly allowed the sunny maiden to scoot her book over closer to both read and add to! It was such a great idea, and similar to how Kvasir's own book had some of her scribbled tales in it (for good and bad) Dagmar's fittingly bright additions, in all hues, graced many of her pages shared between the two.

That, and also the personal nature of the story on Anlaf her sister-in-law had shared, spoke so much acceptance it warmed Líknví's heart to an unfathomable amount.

Dagmar also both gave promptly and patiently held on to her answers to give them in an order that Lí could take in best; a much appreciated action, though she'd become used to taking in all manner of communication. She and Kvas understood how much it stifled, conversing by way of writing.

For Kvasir more so, for even she could see, before, how much of his wit was lost in tarried delivery. Even when she still couldn't hear his no doubt bright tones, much had been regained when her brother decided to speak again and she could feel the vibrations of such at least.

It was still a mostly exclusive thing between her and her brother (old days with her mother and childish boldness with Rian aside) and except that she was familiar with Fritz's vibrations too, and in this first blissful week of a no doubt blissful life had even dozed off to such when snuggled up close and just letting him chatter. He'd catch himself sometimes and laughingly ask if he was allowing her to follow, something she always assured she was, and since she was, in enough ways.

Líknví giggled  to what Dagmar both wrote and said, not doubting one bit that she spoke the truth on how long Fritz would tarry. It was one of a lot that was "cute" about him! Though she spared her sister-in-law this exact sentiment.

Fritz's Antics seemed a good topic of the moment, and Lí sipped her own tea as she waited out Dagmar perhaps shamelessly sharing more, but this was a perk she'd won with marriage and getting to be informed of all the endearing tales, wasn't it?

Imagining Fritz's mortified reaction if he knew the gossip she and Dagmar were getting up to, Líknví smiled wider and read the story almost sneakily pushed over to her. It was so easy to see having happened, Lí giggled. Of course mentions of Fritz's childhood could be a double-edged sword, and if she pondered her life during the same time and near the same age, but there had still been good there too. Such as they both understood, and supportive older siblings.

She smiled up to Dagmar again. Did your father let him get away with it? She signed, continuing the conversation and happy to take whichever way Dagmar chose to respond.
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Dags wasn't sure how they had got here, making Fritz their topic of discussion, and felt perhaps they should both apologize to her little brother, but she also knew he would forgive them! It was just a secret between sisters now...unless Líknví decided to share, and she could, and Dags would admit to it it all and not apologize for a bit of it, since it was all still meant in love.

Plus the concept of being embarrassed by his sister was not new to Fritz, and he'd survived worse, if what she'd heard of Fadi discovering him and Líknví selling apples and pears was true! She'd instantly felt for her poor brother when she heard of it, even if he and Líknví hadn't realized the depth of their feelings at the time. Oh sure, Fíli would have called it nothing but payback, and delivered even more embarrassing, as he'd promised, for Fritz's own being sent out after them.

Dags knew Fritz still wished he could have...

Did your father let him get away with it?

Líknví signed. With another grin, Dags nodded, "Yes and no...", she answered secretively, though didn't keep the secret from Líknví long! "As we often did with Fritz, we let him get away with just shy of murder, and no one said a thing about it that day, but next trip Fadi picked the task for Fritz to help him with. Early morning night-crawler worm gathering; for another fun hunting and fishing trip, but not one that day!", Dagmar let Líknví read this before taking another sip of her tea, smiling once more at how her parents were their own kind of brilliant, necessitated by having raised six kids.
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<<Must recall this detail too to use on Líknví's Outside trip!>>

Sir Anlaf and Lady Liv (Líknví would still title her father and mother-in-law, at least in her own thoughts) had been most clever in their handling of the situation. Lí laughed, and could well imagine Anlaf hiding in his smirk while his young son muttered and struggled with worms! There was love evident in it too, in their own way, and that they cared about their son's traits growing up.

Líknví would praise and defend Fritz's inherent decency, but also would say they had done beyond well in raising a young Dwarf any could be proud of, and whom she of course loved immensely. Hopefully if she was blessed with motherhood, she would do just as well at it...

Despite the circumstances of her home growing up, Lí would say there was much about Ástir that was commendable in terms of giving a good example on motherhood, more so for all the muck she had to wade through to do it properly perhaps. Líknví pondered this over her own sip of tea. As well as more besides.

She wanted to share back with her sister, but wouldn't embarrass Kvasir by sharing anything she hadn't asked if he minded if Fritz's family knew of, so pondered over her own childish mishaps, seeking something that could almost sound normal. Of course Fritz won some sort of award on sheer number it seemed!

Her mouth quirked as she recalled something. She watched Dags' face for understanding as she signed; she would write it out if she had to. I can admit I was afraid of a butterfly first time my brother and Wren took me Outside Líknví used her made up sign that was more distinguishing the type of bird her other sister-in-law was called than her made up sign for her literal name.

It landed on my arm and...I ran behind Finch, Líknví knew she could share something so personal and embarrassing and Dagmar wouldn't spread it; again a sort of Nothing Left the Table understanding between the two. Not that it was a bad memory, also recalling how gently Kvasir had explained and introduced her to the insect; her blue eyes soon shining a wonder as she let it be transferred to her hand and investigated the wings.
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Her sister looked thoughtful, which caused Dags to look intrigued. Yet, She patiently awaited out Líknví's answer, in case the younger Dwarf decided she in fact didn't want to tell that story (whatever the story she was thinking of was), and instead moved on to another one.

Dags wouldn't be offended; whatever Líknví felt comfortable sharing. The other's smile showed when she seemed to land on a tale.

I can admit I was afraid of a butterfly first time my brother and Wren took me Outside

Dags hoped Líknví knew she wasn't giggling at her as she giggled, and hopefully the light in her green eyes further communicated that, since she knew her sister read gestures as much, if not more, than words in communicating. As most of them did, and perhaps not more so than the average person, but more aware of it without hearing words spoken.

It landed on my arm and...I ran behind Finch

"Oh you should have seen me with frogs and newts!", Dagmar quickly chimed in to reassure, and share back. Not as over-reacting as with a butterfly, some might say, but Dagmar also understood the unspoken context that any Dwarf would with that. Or assumed it. It had been Líknví's first trip out.

Butterflies, like everything, were new.

Men, Elves, many of the other races of Middle Earth couldn't recall seeing Outside for the first time because they were babes, or not far from it, when it happened. The same could happen with Dwarves, but rarely did. They spent so much time underground, by choice of majority and nature, for the most part, that a Dwarf usually recalled their first time stepping into the sunlight (hopefully) or even rain, perhaps, and limitless sky.

Fíli held that honor in Dagmar's case as well*, and hopefully to no resentment from her family. Like many memories of the prince, Dags could think on it now.

It had been less her hesitating on entering Outside, and more her being quick on the uptake, and her friend in tow at the time. She clearly recalled, and could see it, but wasn't sure her age. Probably not far past Fourteen, and still thought by her father and brothers too young no doubt (or Liv impressed this thought on them) or else it could have just as easily been in tagging after one of them. Instead she and Fíli had been exploring the caverns, as they did since she'd first met him that fateful day in the alcove, and she'd caught scent of a breeze from Outside and just known it meant something big.

Cautiously, with Fíli right at her heels (either for her sake or his own curiosity as well she was never sure), she'd investigated. A spot of sunlight shining in at the entrance, and stepping into its warmth, and it was done! She hadn't gone far, but had reveled in the newness of it all, the sun so different than the lights within the caverns.

Of course after this first step she was hooked, and went with her father on his next trek out, Anlaf and what of his sons that had been with him on that trip holding the honor of introducing Dagmar to more of Outside than just the mouth of the cave.

The sun wasn't what Dagmar guessed, like most no doubt, had impressed Líknví the most. "The sky was something, huh?", she asked knowingly. Dagmar recalled being so stunned that it went on forever and never seemed to stop! Never-mind its brightness with the clouds and sunlight!

<<*Or I want to say he did, but still give her brothers something ^^>>
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Dagmar was, of course, quick to reassure, and help Lí not feel silly for her reaction to a butterfly upon first meeting one. The young Dwarf maiden smiled back. Fritz had obviously kept the secret of her reaction to a fox also, even many years later! Not that there needed to be secrets between her and her sister-in-law, but still that confidant position her husband still held for her was appreciated. Though Lí rushed to include Dagmar in the secret also, as well as give back encouragement by wincing sympathetically, with a small agreeing shake of her head. "A' ca'ldn' ta'ch a fra'g A'tha'r!". Newts might be easier..."

As she took another bite of her scone, and after swallowing, she next grinned at Dagmar's rhetorical question about the sky as she nodded! "A' ca'ldn't ba'la'v ha' ha'h up a't wa'nt!", was an understatement! The concept of stretching on and on, with no end in sight!

As she sipped her tea, thinking, Líknví decided on what communication format to use next, and all of it was meant in the best possible way, and just to aid understanding. As she'd already proven, she of course trusted Dags with all of her forms of communication, spoken word included; the written just gave the most free option of fully expressing everything, unhindered, so she turned back to the shared notebook which was passed between them and further jotted her thoughts.

I remember just glancing from the sky back to Kvasir, comparing between the blues found in the sky and his encouraging gaze.
And I compared Rian's shade to the trees.

Which brought up where her other sister-in-law's shade of green fit as well...

Not that she would say they were all that similar, just for both having blonde hair and green eyes.

Líknví had always read all of the difference in appearance between individuals, could even tell her twin brother-in-laws, Kophas and Cephas, from each-other, and without the hawks for clue. Or the fact that she just knew Kophas better than she did Cephas, though the recognition in facial gestures also helped and was part of her reading. But even without it, the twins had nuances of difference even they might not recognize.

Still she knew of the heartbreaking misidentification that had taken place, and well meaning condolences being passed Rian's way by those of the mountain who knew of Dagmar, but didn't know her, and when they mistakenly took Rian for her. Of course, if Líknví was around, she would sometimes sign (for what it was worth) that she knew her and could, by way of her brother, deliver their message. It seemed to help with the embarrassment if the faux pas was ever discovered.

I think it makes sense you like the Outside as well.
You and Rian both remind of sunshine. Hers is like...after a rain storm you know? And not just because of the name.
Your like...encountering it again after stepping from tree cover.
Thinking of both Kvasir and Rian that way also helped on my journey. It was like a piece of both I could...take with me.

Líknví wrote and shared even more her sister-in-law's way, along with all of it. She hoped the comparing didn't come off wrong or insult either of her sisters. Both were good comparisons, or meant as such. Líknví had also of course been told this tidbit of info on Dagmar's love of going Outside by Fritz, as well as seeing it for herself on occasion.

"I couldn't touch a frog either!"
"I couldn't believe how high up it went!"
Title: Re: Open Communication
Post by: Dagmar on August 26, 2020, 02:57:42 PM
Dags nodded as Líknví shared about how stunned she had been at how far the sky expanded up and up. That was usually the first thing a Dwarf had to come to terms with on their first visit. The concept of there not being an end to the expanse above! For better or worse. Some found it vulnerable. Dags had always loved it.

It was hard to read Líknví's actual feelings from what she said, but given what she wrote...

Dagmar smiled at the compliment given in the midst of Líknví's other words. "Thank-you, and I know just what you mean...", she whispered softly, and didn't shy away from hard topics. "I once told Prince Fíli, after he lost his own father very young, that he shouldn't be sorry for how everyone said he took after him, because it just meant there was a piece of him he could take with him all the time...and yet, while I still believe that...I also know better how hard it still is to push aside association at first".

She'd once been afraid Fíli's sadness would rob the sunshine from his laughter and smile, and after his own death, she'd feared to lose the same in all their old haunts Outside, but she'd soon also found the comfort in the reminders. Still and always mixed of course.

"Knowing what I do about them both, I think both allusions fit both Kvasir and Rian perfectly also", Dags smiled, and helped move the conversation over to lighter topics.

Well, and in keeping with both of us focusing on the good of your own travels, any interesting stories there?", Dags asked with a smile, "I realized I never got probably half of the interesting tales you have, from that or other things, and now that we're sisters we have to fix that".

Of course there could be much about Líknví's life and growing up she wouldn't count as good, but Dagmar knew her enough to know she found the good in everything as well, and...despite the bad sort of went without saying, or the sunny maiden hoped it did.