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Title: An Odd Understanding
Post by: Nauroval on November 13, 2017, 04:11:07 PM
Nicole Avis’ heels clacked down the pavement with a not too hard tread, yet something in the sound even communicating her displeasure! Orrin had left her stranded by way of his “job” and an unreliable car. Again!

And no, she would not give him the satisfaction of making a big thing about it, or calling one of his taxi friends who would just send him by for the sole purpose of gloating at her!

Of course the car is his fault..., Nicole fummed to herself as she walked along, he promised to fix it and...oh bother these heels!. She stopped to switch them out for her emergency flats, which helped her pace also. Nicole continued along the pavement, everything about her giving off the air of a woman not to be messed with.

Yet even in her agitated state she had a clear sense and view (more a sense) of those around her, even in her peripherals. Nicole could weave skillfully through any crowd and seem almost not there. She supposed it must be something of a family trait, for Orrin could do much the same with his car, she knew; though she would never tell him she noticed any similarities...or half worried he might crash. After all, despite his good reflexes, he had. Even if only when he tried to drive past Middleton town limits.

It was very true, as proved by that time Orrin  came in search of his keys, that her workplace was within walking distance of her and Orrin’s flat; but that didn’t mean either enjoyed having to walk there, and in Middleton’s temperamental weather!

It was actually surprisingly nice out. For Middleton, and hadn’t rained. Yet.

Still, it could, and if it did Nicole was going to be in an even worse mood!

It was all of this, and the morning's frustrations, that combined to perhaps lower Nicole's guard and let...small things slip through. Small things like pigeon's. The birds had just landed, within Nicole's line of sight, and ahead of her on the path, to peck at the ground and search out bread and other left overs.

Nicole was not in the mood today, and something about the whole thing struck her as very insulting and almost disrespectful! How dare they! Even, and especially, small fodder birds such as them, only good for larger animals to catch, knew to keep out of her way!

A bit odd a thought, but again Nicole didn't pause to ponder this and for once flew off the handle with her first response. Which was to throw her purse (and a well aimed stomp) at them as they scattered. "Stupid...scatterbrained...get out of here!". It was only after completing the action, that Nicole became self aware and quickly and discretely glanced about, but none seemed to have seen her, except maybe that girl on the corner, who had just exited the coffee shop (though she looked a bit young for coffee herself) and stood by the street light as if debating where to go with her drink.

Thing was, it wasn't just the fact that she had been caught out at all, Nicole's gaze, once going past the girl, fixed on it and the look of mild shock. Mild shock that still seemed to sort of understand, because as the two locked gazes, she almost expected the girl to smile wryly and in defense of her.

All just a confusing feel of the moment, and Nicole probably hadn't paused that long because as she next felt herself rammed into she associated it with her previous action. How...who was defending the pigeons...?, then she tumbled to the ground, after her just thrown purse. Her purse! Nicole found it, so knew it hadn't been a robbery, and pulled the purse to her even as she heard other feet rushing up.
Title: Re: An Odd Understanding
Post by: Harper on November 14, 2017, 04:18:07 PM
{Again, most to all of the back-ground stuff fluid for any and all changes that may or may not occur ^^}

Harper Auster had, for a few moments atleast, put aside her self assigned mission of finding her cousin, Thomas, and somehow...making amends. Honestly the latter part of the plan was even more hazy and she wasn't sure what she would do once she did find him, or say for that matter, would come when she did, she was sure.

And Pumpkin Spiced Latte-no coffee was going to help her with that! Somehow. Harper still hadn't become a coffee drinker, still in her teens and it still tasting nasty, but thankfully coffee stores could doctor up flavor-of-fall-lattes with more sugar and milk and no coffee and make a drink that was just like a mid-day treat to carry around with you.

She had a few notes and names jotted down in her phone's notes and might have got on about trying to find some way to reach out to and help her cousin, the one she had never known about for all these years!

For most of her childhood, Harper had known something went on between the adults around her, and mainly her father and the uncle she hardly saw. They were poorer (not by much comparison wise, but it seemed it) and Harper's father had seemed to feel it his brother and sister-in-law's own faults. Because of irresponsibility. Irresponsibility that went to the point of having given up one of their twins just for said purpose of not being able to care for it. They had said.

How did you even choose though!

The irony was, Harper wasn't really close to the one cousin she did have, though she hardly saw him either, but she most certainly had to find the one lost cousin of hers! Let him know that not all his family had given up on him!

Though she wouldn't blame him if he didn't care.

Still, she had to try! And Harper herself didn't fully know why she had such a feeling that they would understand a lot about each other once and if they did meet.

Yet at the moment she wasn’t actively focused on said mission, and sort of because of dead-ends. It was Saturday and she was supposed to just be enjoying her weekend.

Paused by the street light, and yes debating what next, and whether to head to the park or not, Harper sipped her drink, and had her mission forced upon her focus once more.

It wasn’t clear at first, and as she just watched a lady rushing down the pavement who next threw her purse at flock of pigeons in her way. Thing was, it didn’t strike Harper as odd. More than that, something made Harper’s gaze fix on the woman immediately after scanning her surroundings and scanning past her.

A wary intimidation was the first thought. Not fear, but awareness of making sure...well she wasn’t treated like the pigeons. Much as she sort of understood that reaction. She would have smiled, if someone didn’t barrel down the walkway, next knocking the woman over in his haste.

She'd seen him before, Harper knew, but where...

Then it came to her, he had been one of the ones she'd put a question to and who had told her she'd be better off not prying into such things and anything to do with Auster. It had been a bit jarring given that was her last name too. What exactly had he been doing to put such a stigma to the name?

Of course Harper had more clues than she wanted to that, and knew at least it was Something, even if she knew Nothing.

The man was gone by the time these thoughts had time to process, and adding further confusion, and clues, another darted after him and for some reason Harper had paused to make sure it wasn't her cousin or something. It wasn't. Though, again, given all the man who had currently darted by had said, Harper wouldn't be surprised if Thomas knew the other. Worked with him even...

Part of her darting forward once both had rushed by might have been seeking further clues, but she quickly enough dropped any ulterior to it and realized it would just cause more trouble if she followed them or anything. And she couldn't anyway, they had darted by too fast. Still, for some reason she gave a further glance up the street, before finally putting all of her focus to the woman she had jogged over to help.

”Here! Ma’am! Um...let me help you up...”, Harper only got awkward after she was there and as she said it, and held out a hand.
Title: Re: An Odd Understanding
Post by: Nauroval on February 28, 2018, 03:40:48 AM
Whatever Nicole would have thought further on the odd pause she and the girl by the corner had, everything with being rammed into shoved it out of her head. Once making sure her purse was secure and safe, she was all set to go about getting up when she saw and heard the same girl rushing over.

Oh great...she was doing just what she wanted to avoid, causing a scene. Looking helpless.

"I'm fine, thank you!", why did she feel she was being doubly rude the second she said that?, that brushing aside this one's help was the height of unfair? She should be...making allowances, and complete explanations...while explaining she was fine. The woman glanced up again, and for some reason let the girl helped her to her feet. She gave a short nod once she was righted once more. "Thankyou".

A pause. She somehow felt she should say more.

Glancing over to the girl proper again, she felt that sense again of...something. She wasn't sure what. It was akin the feeling she could figure her out, by everything external about her, and the way she was standing, but...also deeper than that. And that first thought didn't make sense.

Wasn't Nicole Avis, of all people, an advocate for advanced characteristics and people being able to surprise you?

In theory she realized, day to day she tended to condense it down into a simpler mode of working herself. Hunches were viable means of communication and reading a bad mood off Orrin or her boss within walking in the door usually correct.

Nicole paused, a bit caught. She really should get on to work, was going to be (and was) late as it was, but...

She scanned the girl over once more, No, there was simply something here she had to discover. She could run into the girl was a small town, but Nicole also knew better than to trust to that. People were also hard to pin down moment to moment.

Coffee was out. She had a cup...

Well introductions were always a good place to start. "I'm Nicole Avis", Not Nicky! Don't listen to my brother if you meet him. She thought, but didn't say.

Nicole took a moment more, thinking through what else to add (and what not to!). She'd already thanked the girl, so she instead glanced after the trouble maker to have knocked her down. "Some people just are in such a hurry, they have no respect for others!". It was a comment inviting agreeing, but if the girl was also polite enough to not, Nicole wouldn't judge. She could do well to recall such manners herself.

Nicole ignored this self delivered thought. "Well, but I'm glad to see you have manners", she nodded to the girl again.
Title: Re: An Odd Understanding
Post by: Harper on May 16, 2019, 02:00:26 PM
"I'm fine, thank you!"

Somehow it didn't surprise Harper in the least that the woman tried to assure of this. She should expect no less, somehow, and was infinitely indulged as the woman then let her help her up. This thought could make sense, given her age, and Harper just put it to that, even if something in the explanation still sat wrong.

She just nodded, with another smile, as the woman then thanked her for helping her up, not so much for the offer, as before. The woman glanced her over, and subconsciously Harper stood a bit taller. Not challenging, just let her get a good look at you and feel for the situation. Stay still, no quick moves...

"I'm Nicole Avis"

"Harper. Auster.", a hand immediately came over to shake, and something in the air was broken by the older woman's acceptance in a way to introduce herself first. Harper liked her, though she couldn't tell you why and off what little she had so far.

"Some people just are in such a hurry, they have no respect for others!".

Well there could be a reason for that...

Harper had no proof to her theory that the man was a link to Thomas; and she was happy enough to drop that mission for the moment. It was a stupid one anyway. What did she think she was going to find?
"Well, but I'm glad to see you have manners"

This compliment pulled Harper from her thoughts a bit, and though she'd loosened up a bit in her stance with the woman's acceptance (as it were) with her introduction, she stood taller again and smiled. Pleased. To get a compliment from someone like Miss Avis here. She knew it was a big deal. And she should do all she could to keep that good opinion and favor.

Not hold the woman up if she had somewhere to be though, "Where were you headed?", Harper asked just curiously.
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Post by: Nauroval on June 29, 2019, 10:56:17 PM
Her gaze had been known to make people fidgety and...flighty was a good word, even if they didn't run. Can't go staring at people like that! She'd been told, but Nicole was hard pressed to listen, and really, it wasn't like she was staring all that hard, just analyzing in the proper amounts. Between her and Orrin, she was analyzing nothing she didn't already know and it was almost a game. Or a way to settle a current argument, who would back down first.

It was mostly Orrin.

Most everyone else too, in their own ways. She never really tried it against Mr. Vassalos, for job security, though she felt she did herself an injustice and that he would cower in too. Felt she put up with degrading she couldn't even plumb the depths of!

Lynn Parker had held her gaze once. In a very challenging manner. Nicole had been sent to check on something regarding Mr. Vassalos birds, or the other way around and the zoo's birds, and she'd left with a firm disliking of the zoo-aid.

But anyway, Miss Harper Auster did not cower or challenge, but stood straight and still in a manner that instantly endeared her to the older woman. Here was a girl with sense! "It's a pleasure, Miss Auster!", for once she wasn't giving over-gracious compliments as she shook the hand.

The girl further proved her good form Nicole had read off her by asking where she had been headed, but not in a prying manner, more...letting her off the hook as it were of saying any more if she had to get there.

No...she had a sick day and suddenly did not care to go stuff herself in her office, shut up from sunlight and surrounded by four walls. Whether Miss Harper Auster accompanied or not, Nicole knew where she was going. "I was just going to take a stroll in the park", she realized she was not dressed for such and sighed, "Alright I was on the way to work, but I've suddenly realized I need a vacation day! You...are welcome to join me if you want, though I have to swing by my place first". She was not going to walk around in heels.

It seemed odd, inviting this kid to hang around her, but off all she'd realized prior, it wasn't, and here was perhaps the most equal conversation acquaintance to be had for Nicole in all of Middleton!
Title: Re: An Odd Understanding
Post by: Harper on August 26, 2019, 02:31:22 PM
"It's a pleasure, Miss Auster!". Harper could detect the genuineness in this compliment, and grinned the wider for it as the handshake finished! It was as official a transaction as anything else around here. She was now...accepted, as one of the Good Ones at least.

Not that there were bad ones...

Harper pushed aside all she thought she'd heard about the world her lost cousin was said to inhabit. Not that anyone actually told her anything; but their looks said enough.

"I was just going to take a stroll in the park", Miss Avis went on, before she seemed to notice her attire spoke differently; of further back laid plans at least. So as to not undo that good form she'd found, Harper merely smiled to herself, but not in a rude way (she hoped!) and definitely, definitely, did not call the older woman out about such!

If she wanted to lie about where she was going, that was her right, and Harper wasn't inviting herself along anyway so...

"Alright I was on the way to work, but I've suddenly realized I need a vacation day! You...are welcome to join me if you want, though I have to swing by my place first".

Harper looked genuinely stunned by the offer (because she was!). "Oh! I...wasn't trying to...", the teen began, then gave a small laugh. Miss Avis knew that, she could tell. The prospect of potentially finding out more about the older woman was...intriguing, she had to admit.

And not just because of the business card she had sticking out of one dainty shirt pocket, or what Harper could half-read there of business...

Maybe if she was allowed to ask...

She nodded, and for some reason wanted to keep that Being Impressive up (and if she was really going to ask what she was going to ask next...). "I think I could learn a lot Shadowing you for the day".

Harper waited until they were half-way there to take her perhaps risky move. "You, um, work for Mr. Vassalos don't you? card is...", Harper indicated by way of explanation, "I hear he's prestigious", the girl went on, "Is it true his house is full of birds?".
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Post by: Nauroval on August 26, 2019, 02:39:16 PM
"I think I could learn a lot Shadowing you for the day".

No doubt she could. Though Nicole wasn't sure if she would point the girl in the direction of Archimedes Vassalos exactly...and not that there was anything wrong with her boss...most days.

Still we could both do better...

After a moment's thought, and then sending off the most perfectly worded text e-mail (if she did say so herself!) for one of Mr. Vassalos' other lackeys to pass on to him on her taking the day off (and for helpful bird research for him, she said, and already had a plan on how to make it not a lie), Nicole was about to segue this into asking what sort of goals Harper might have; what did she think she wanted to do when she was older? And somehow, Nicole just knew the answer would no doubt be impressive, or for her age, when the girl went on.

Still impressively. Showing her own astuteness, though it was slightly at Nicole's expense, and only through her own doing!

"You, um, work for Mr. Vassalos don't you? card is..."

Nicole glanced to the card in question. "Oh...". She somehow felt caught out as she removed the card and placed it in her purse. It was a bit...tacky to just have her card that readily accessible, what was she a door to door salesmen?

Thankyou for pointing it out before my brother did!

"I hear he's prestigious". Harper went on. Nicole gave a non-committal hum as she thought. Prestigious enough...hence her slight pride in her job.

"Is it true his house is full of birds?". Nicole smiled and then sighed, shaking her head. Anyone else, who didn't seem to have such a good head on her shoulders, she might not have gone on as she did, but she answered, and a bit honestly at that.

"So I hear, I haven't checked for myself and I don't want to. That's a small step to finding myself with newspaper duty, bad enough he makes that book-store clerk he orders around do so no doubt, I won't stoop so low!".

She had still checked in with Lynn Parker for him...but that was different. Still disagreeable, but different.

Useful now though. I thought I might gain some bird behavior facts, to help you with Miss Parker and the zoo's peahen?

"From what I hear, also, they're also just ravens and the like, hardly worth anything", Nicole went on as they reached her flat (her and Orrin's flat!). She keyed in and lead the way inside. She didn't spot Orrin, good she didn't have to explain having a kid in tow.

"Sorry for the mess, it's my brother's fault. But come on in, make yourself at home for a bit. If you're hungry, anything in the fridge with the name Orrin on it is fair game. Let me find my jeans and sneakers and I'll be back". Of course the pair of both that Nicole owned were still stylish and presentable.

Once changed and back out in the main room, she made good on that promise and raided through her brother's stuff first before realizing none of it was usable actually and so going about packing a few sandwiches for their walk and whatever else, and going on as she did so. "You know, I'd say I should perhaps thank those pigeons for giving me this idea of a day off, but...well I shouldn't, so I'll instead thank-you Miss Harper Auster. You're a bit of hope on the youth of Middleton" she praised, and was reassured she'd done right, encouraging younger generations and all, by the smile she received back.

It was meant as a casual statement, but serious as well. Nicole was a lot of times a very pleasant person, so long as Orrin wasn't around and in that mix or part of her problem of a moment! With everything packed up, she then motioned Miss Harper Auster off with her and towards a more relaxed day at the local park.