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Title: Sailing on the Wind and Breeze
Post by: Harper on July 13, 2017, 04:56:47 AM
So here we have Harper, a shape-shifter and Hawk. Small girl in Hobbit timeframe, possibly having just taken off on her own? Figuring those dates ^^ but then fledged teen in lotr, so all the interaction options between Men and Creatures and Between :)

Friends: She makes these easily, long as you don't try to harm or insult her, so a fair number of those she comes across I'd imagine.

Enemies: Orcs, Wargs, those that most of the good folks in Middle Earth are afraid and opposed to too. She's mostly just cautious of other Men and such and wouldn't even count those of Dol Amroth as enemies exactly.

Love: She's still a bit young and you gotta meet a lot of criteria. Mainly be one of her kind also and not even some other odd animal even if you are a shape-shifter too. She'll still be nice to you but won't lead you on at all and mostly just isn't concerned right now with it, though she ponders such time to time.