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Title: Youthful and Elvish Topics
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{I think with a lot of these threads we're using creative liberty and extending the dwarves and Bilbo's stay past just one day to allow for time and time to do things, so hence my mention of their already having been there a day, oh and yes apparently I do have to mention Thorin's elf hate in every Rivendell post I type :)}

Bilbo felt he could quite possibly stay in Rivendell forever. No where, as of yet, had ever had the comfort and at ease feel of his own home thus far. Of course the contenders and other places up for consideration since his heading out on An Adventure were poor choices by anyone's reckoning.

Chased by wargs and orcs was not pleasant no matter how differing folks viewed things. A night under the stars could be counted semi-pleasant, but dwarf snoring no doubt robbed any enjoyment of it fast.

It was more disruptive here amongst the stone and tile of a gentle elf dwelling, as Bilbo had had at least one night to learn. It disturbed the hobbit, some of the looks he would receive for being part of their company. True, there were more just openly curious looks, as he was anything but a dwarf and it was very obvious. Also a curiosity no doubt as to why he, and non-dwarf, were with dwarves.

Yet Bilbo would not offend these fair beings for anything in the world. If fact the opposite was true and he had both the utmost respect and curiosity for and towards the many elves he now was surrounded by. He had read oh so much on them, and thought he'd spotted a wood elf or two back in the Shire when a young lad, but here they were both real and would even perhaps answer some of his inquiries...were he bold enough to think said inquires were not just dumb and not too shy to actually all out ask.

Instead, Bilbo merely smiled and waved and shuffled on past many of the elves he came across, to much an amused smile.

The hobbit sighed, he was not going to learn anything to either later pen or just hold for his own knowledge this way and if he were too shy and timid to actually ask the elves something. It was just so...hard, they made even the well meaning hobbit nervous with their very glances and years upon years of age.

Shaking his head at his own self, yet again, Bilbo continued on in the next best things and learning all he could from the architecture about and hoping to Thorin Oakenshield's patience and forbearing that they would stay at least long enough for him to gain something.

While thinking all this through and making his way along down now an open part of a courtyard, the hobbit soon found himself paused by yet another unexpected sight than the ones he'd already seen. Those, at least, were within the realm of what one might expect to find in the way of cryptic art or artifacts that made sense to the elves who were there to use them; sight of a small boy, a human boy, in an elven courtyard was not so guessable.

What was the child doing here in Rivendell? Another traveler perhaps? And was he alone or with parents, most expectedly probably with parents. The inexperienced hobbit paused and probably stopped and looked too long for any sort of good manners, yet he couldn't help it.

Something about this child struck Bilbo as just being different than most youths, but that could have just been the hobbit's arguably too fanciful imagination (at least in younger years). He also wasn't sure what made him next feel like walking up and just randomly introducing himself to the child, probably the previous thoughts but thankfully he reminded himself that such was probably most likely to just freak out the poor child's mother and really only nefarious sorts of people with ill intentions went approaching random children like creeps all the good manners bred into Bilblo attempted reminding him. How would he and his kind feel if rangers just want and approached random hobbit children in the Shire?

The hobbit remained paused where he was in the court yard while drilling himself through all this.
Title: Youthful and Elvish Topics
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{It's OK by me, though newbies decide nothing. LOL.}

Estel had been learning new information about the many plants of Middle-Earth and their amazing properties to restore health against many ailments, both natural and unnatural. The young boy was completely fascinated by Elven magic and Elrond's, his foster father, great knowledge about what seemed to be everything about the world to his still young and childish mind. He was not going to loose this unique chance he was being given for reasons he was so far unaware of, so he just listened as he was taught, asking something only when relevant for understanding, and now Estel was in the middle of the courtyard, alone after his lesson for the day, with a small wooden box on his hands, looking down at its contents.

Such box contained an amalgamation of the plants he had studied earlier that day with Elrond. They were separated by function and each space had runes identifying them by their Elven names. Though Estel also knew their names on other languages, including Westron, the Common Language. That was the way the boy liked to fix his new knowledge. He went to the courtyard, to feel the nice breeze and listen to the whispers of the valley wind and falls, and paced with small steps while looking at his new plant collection and then at the sky as if praying to the deities for greater memory. Some previously studied herbs were within the box as well. So he was also fixing his previous knowledge together with the new one. Surely the plants within that box could not be used for anything. They had to be harvested fresh in order to do their healing work, but to think and to memorize they were perfect as they were!

Suddenly Estel felt a chill run down his spine and his eyes looked up from the herb box he was carrying and met the most unexpected sight. The other being was shorter than himself about two feet, but looked like a full adult. One of the first things that caught the boy's attention was that Bilbo had somewhat an aura of cheer and happiness about himself. He had heard the Elves say that a company of 13 Dwarves plus a wizard and a Hobbit had arrived the previous day. That certainly didn't look like the picture he'd seen of Dwarves and was too small to be the wizard, who generally went by as old people for what he had been told. So, logically, there was only one choice left. The one in front of him was the Hobbit. The first thought in his mind was 'I'll get to meet a Hobbit from the Shire!!!'

As his young blue eyes, filled with a glint of curiosity and excitement, met Bilbo's through the small distance between them, that previous chill was replaced by a much stronger feeling. For the first time in his still very short life, the gift of the Dúnedain hit him hard. As descendants of Elros, Elrond's twin brother who had chosen a mortal life, the Dúnedain sometimes were hit by premonitions, not as strong as the visions of the Elves, but present, sometimes ominous, and nearly always truthful. Estel had a clear sensation that his fate was intertwined with that of the Hobbit in front of him and in the moment of mental lapse that ensued, the box he carried fell from his hands, its contents getting scattered in front of his feet. He did not hear the sound its crash made, he did not see anything. His senses were in a world of their own, blinded. That feeling overwhelmed him completely for a second or two.

Estel shook his head slightly in a childish attempt to make that weird sensation go away and then he smiled at Bilbo innocently. "Feel welcomed at the House of Lord Elrond, visitor of the Shire. You are not feared, please approach." He said kindly, yet politely as Elrond had taught him all visitors should be received in Rivendell. He then made a waving hand sign that told Bilbo to come closer and then spoke again. "Come and help me. A day may come when I may help you in return." Estel then kneeled and started to collect his specimens and place them back into the box, which thankfully had not suffered damages with the fall.
Title: Youthful and Elvish Topics
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While and amidst these thoughts, movement from the young boy he contemplated drew Bilbo's attention once more. The box he held clattered to the floor, spilling and mess of leaves. Bilbo couldn't help but be intrigued by them, even from this distance. All hobbits loved things of the earth and that grew, after all, and even if all Bilbo had had luck with were prized tomatoes and company of dwarves at up anyway, he almost thought to try and classify the various shapes from here.

They seemed not of the Shire, though; a fact more intriguing, though from here he could hardly tell anything. The boy bent to pick up the leaves and then came the oddest words Bilbo had ever heard of one so young. "Feel welcomed at the House of Lord Elrond, visitor of the Shire. You are not feared, please approach.".

Certainly Bilbo's first thoughts had been correct, and here was an intriguing child at very least. Though it came off a bit odd, Bilbo bowed in greeting and smiled warmly, meaning to have taken any hat off had he worn one also, "Well, I thank you my good lad".

Yet the boy were saying something else, as he bent to collect his spilled assortment. "Come and help me. A day may come when I may help you in return."

Mr. Baggins of Bag End had no prophetic gift himself, and yet, something drew him to the lad and told him he spoke the truth, if oddly maturely. He would once...either see or hear of this boy again...but first to what he'd asked.

[color-khaki]"Oh! Yes, of course!"[/color], Bilbo shuffled over to where the boy, had, sat and bent to begin helping him to pick up the leaves and hand them as well as spare a glance to the Elven runes and try to decipher them. This was a bit tricky, but some of the leaves did seem familiar even without the extra and added help.

"Ah!" Bilbo held up one such specimen he'd as yet only seen in books, "This would be Kingsfoil I believe, said to cure all sort of ails...or so I read, never seen it for real". He handed this over to the lad as well.

"Did you collect them yourself?" he inquired, not putting it past the sort of youth he saw before him, and until manners impressed themselves upon him once more, "Oh, but forgive me, I really should introduce myself, I'm Bilbo Baggins, of Bag End, Hobbiton, the Shire, at your service". He stood only to give a polite bow.
Title: Youthful and Elvish Topics
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There was an amused yet equally warm smile on Estel's features as he saw Bilbo bowing. Not just because the movement seemed quite odd, but because it was somewhat amusing to the boy that someone should choose to bow to him out of all people in this Elven city. He was a simple boy and even though he was fast to show respect to his elders and had just done so towards Bilbo with his words, he never thought he'd get that in return. He was glad that it had happened though, no doubt. Estel tilted his head and bowed slightly in return before shifting his attention to his scattered herbs.

Estel smiled even more at Bilbo's apparent joy in just helping him out. The Hobbit also showed a great deal of enthusiasm for his herb assortment and the boy did notice when his companion's eyes went to the runes and then back to the leaves in curiosity and sometimes remembrance.  "This would be Kingsfoil I believe, said to cure all sort of ails...or so I read, never seen it for real."

"I see you are very studied while I am but learning still. Yes, this is Kingsfoil also known as Athelas in Sindarin. A true godsend in the right hands. Hopefully mine will become such set of hands in a close future." Estel said humbly. He was giving his best in his lessons and Lord Elrond had said he had a lot of potential to be a skilled healer in his adult years. He wanted to fulfill this potential and was working towards it.

After placing the Athelas sample into the box Estel picked up the last herb from the floor and placed it in its correct spot, then closed the lid. "Hannon le, mellon nin." He offered after the job was done. His command of Sindarin was just as good as the one he had of Westron and his words simply escaped him that way. He took a couple of seconds to notice that.

"Oh! I meant thank you, my friend. And so we're done!" He added to explain what he wanted to say to Bilbo, but the boy had a feeling the Hobbit had understood him even without the translation. Children were always so fast to declare another person who had been kind to them a friend, but due to the previously just experienced sensation Estel thought it would be correct to see Bilbo as such even though they knew little to nothing about each other so far.

Estel offered another grin when Bilbo asked if he had collected his samples himself. "No. I didn't. My father, Lord Elrond, has helped me as he is teaching me the art of healing. I mean... he's not my real father, he was killed by Orcs when I was but a small toddler. Lord Elrond just was overly kind to take me and my mother in after my father passed considering we are not of his kin. He's, though, the only father I know as I have no memories of my own." Estel explained to Bilbo why and with whom he had collected the herbs and also his relationship to the lord of Rivendell. Though he was wrong in saying that he wasn't at all related to the Elven lord. Estel was indeed his 65th nephew on a direct line. Elrond knew that obviously, but not yet the young boy who saw his acceptance into Rivendell as nothing more than an act of pure generosity for which he was very grateful.

"Oh, but forgive me, I really should introduce myself, I'm Bilbo Baggins, of Bag End, Hobbiton, the Shire, at your service." After Bilbo's introduction, Estel also stood up yet he left the box safely on the floor. Even though he had to slightly tilt his head downwards in order to look Bilbo in his eyes, the boy was in no way looking down on the Hobbit and politely he offered.

"I'm Estel. Glad to have known you, Bilbo Baggins." He replied just as politely, this time also reciprocating the bow. Maybe it was a costume from the Shire and he had been impolite earlier not doing so. Since Bilbo had given him his origin, Estel felt the need to do what he could to reciprocate. "I guess I can say I'm from here now, though I know for a fact I was born elsewhere in Eriador for obvious reasons. No one seems to know where exactly, not even my mother. When I ask she says I was born at Bree, but I have a feeling she says that only to tell me a name I can find in one of father's many maps of Middle-Earth. Sometimes I think my people is prone to traveling a lot..." That was all Estel could offer about his origins as it was all that he currently knew about the subject.

"Would it be very demanding of me after having asked for your help already to call upon it again, Bilbo Baggins? I would be very pleased to know more about the Shire and about your people, the Hobbits. Sure, some information can be found here and I've spent last night reading over much of it, but there is no knower but the one who lives it. Also it would allow me to see you as you do and not as others see you. A much fairer form of understanding another, I think." Estel asked humbly for greater knowledge about Bilbo's home and people.
Title: Youthful and Elvish Topics
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Bilbo wasn't sure if very studied was what he would use in describing his own knowledge of herbs or...anything. Ever since entering the actual wide world Gandalf had made mention of the hobbit had been confronted by just how surprising events and situations come upon were. He had spent a lifetime before books and maps and felt a sort of confidence in a world he would never set foot into himself, yet had told himself if he ever had to he could.

How wrong he had been, and how little he actually knew.

Sure, he had quick thought up a diversion around trolls, but really only sight of Gandalf had given him the presence of mind or confidence to even think that quick. He had both more and less in him than previously thought, or differing stuff than at once thought, perhaps.

Some surprises were a pleasant experience, though, and this curious youth before him was one such. Bilbo was at least a bit surprised to hear of the hight aims the boy had, learning herbs and in both Westron and Elvish no less!

Not that he doubted the boy could do such, he was just pleasantly surprised to hear of such. The hobbit briefly wondered how easy this elvish language was to pick up, and herbs for that matter, and if he couldn't maybe learn something before leaving Rivendell himself. Time would be short, he knew, and maybe not in quantity enough to learn such, but it was a thought.

This boy, was not only learning to read Elvish, though, but to speak it fluently enough to just laps into it as if he'd spoken it all his life...and who knew but maybe he had.

Off the child's story, he had been here a while, and under Elrond's guidance and protection. Bilbo could hardly imagine what such must be like. If any could take a young child of man to their heart and guidance, he felt it was Lord Elrond, though.

Not that the story was all good, though. Bilbo had had his own father for quite a while before losing him, long enough to be guided at least. Yet as he would have tried to fumble his way around a condolence to the child, the boy, Estel, went on brightly enough. Youth was often resilient it was said.

"Well, it is a pleasure as well Master Estel". True, Bilbo would not hardly be addressing local children of the Shire thus; for one he didn't need his neighbors thinking him cracked or anything, yet such seemed nothing but natural to one of Estel's disposition and already showing such knowledge mixed in perfectly with a nature no different than how one his age should be. It was intriguing to say the least, but also Bilbo found himself just genuinely liking the child.

Then came the somewhat surprising inquiry into his own people. Bilbo gave a rub to the back of his neck as well as small chuckle, not so much embarrassed at the question as surprised Estel would care.

"Well, no doubt that is true, about hearing from the source, though I'm not sure how interesting Hobbit are...". Estel was serious and serious in his wanting to know, though, and so Bilbo resolved to do his best. Clearing his throat he settled himself upon the bench and thought. "It's been said we Hobbits are sheltered, and I suppose that would be true".

He supposed; it was more true than Bilbo had noticed before being yanked from his homeland!

He didn't miss what Estel said about reading all of this last night, no doubt when the dwarves and himself appeared. "The Shire's quite small, all acres taken into account, divided North, South, East and such, but no doubt any books written told of that...and I would wonder who wrote all this, and have a look for ensuring authenticity myself perhaps later". If Bilbo paused long enough it may unnerve him to think of someone finding out about and writing about Hobbits other than themselves, was Gandalf perhaps somehow behind it...but he pressed on.

"Your books may also make mention of much of it being mostly fields and such, but I doubt even printed words in Elvish or any other language could fully explain how much we Hobbits love the earth and all that grows in it. It's...just ingrained, no matter what one's status. I, for example have no real trade in gardening, my family being of a pretty good standing and much being saved back, but even my father and myself have always had a garden...tended by others, but I did fairly well with a tomato crop one year, even winning a prize, and I doubt a hobbit would try and not grow something well even without their gardner telling them exactly how to do it, as in my case".

Talking of home could turn a hard topic, but Bilbo found himself not shying from it and sort of finding his way in this explaining.

"As for other points of interest...have you read much on Hobbit holes?". Bilbo prepared himself for an answer to that, few ever understood how un-like a hole hobbit holes were, but that was exactly why he asked. If Estel wished to know of Hobbits, what better to set him straight on.

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Bilbo seemed interested in him for some reason and Estel couldn't image why that would be. He saw himself as a common boy who had had both the good and the bad in life like everyone else. Maybe having been accepted so openly by Lord Elrond, even though he was not an Elf child, might be a good enough reason for him to be interesting to others, but he decided not to read too much into it. He'd just be like he always was and act naturally. He was beginning to really like Bilbo, but he had to react when he called him Master Estel. Such reaction was a light laugh at first.

"I may be a foster child of Lord Elrond's, but I am master of nothing and no one. I'm just a child of Man, no even of noble Man for all I know. Please, no master, just Estel. Would you mind if I call you just Bilbo or would you prefer Master Baggins?" The boy replied with a simple smile. It didn't fit with his mind to be called master by anyone. He wasn't that important in his youthful point of view.

"Oh, no. I am sure your people is interesting. If for no other reason because you exist and are different from us in your way of life." Estel said in his youthful simplicity and curiosity. When Bilbo mentioned his people being sheltered, Estel's smile grew wide. "Sure you are, mellon nin. We all are in Eriador." He replied with certainty, slipping into Sindarin again for a moment.

"If you promise to keep what I say to yourself, for it is not meant to be known by all, I can even tell you a bit about who your guardians are. Though without receiving your vowed word all that I can say is that they are Men of a noble origin. Brave Men who have lost their home and everything else but their hope in a brighter future for all our peoples. A future away from the darkness and Sauron's foul creatures." Estel declared. He knew the Rangers worked in secret throughout Eriador. Halbaron, a friend to his birth father and unknowingly to the boy current leader of such group of Men, and his mother had both told him about that not too long ago.

"Honestly saying, some of those books were really old and were written by the ones who settled the lands of the Shire before your people came in and claimed them. Though more recent reports, mostly by our friend Mithrandir, the one you know as Gandalf the Grey, don't contradict the lay of the land too much. It seems to be still a very fertile ground, great for the agriculture of many different things." Estel replied excited. He was really loving to talk to someone so different from the people he usually knew, mostly Elves, and still find some common ground for their conversation to go on. It was amazing!

Estel heard with great enthusiasm as Bilbo explained the love Hobbits had for the land and for things that grow from it. Such showed in the way his eyes shone and his head gave small nods of encouragement for Bilbo to go on with his words. "I suppose your love for growing things is almost as great as the Elves' love of music and living animals, Dwarves' love of gold or Men's love for their heritage and land." The boy tried to make a bridge with other kinds of love that he understood better to see if his thoughts were right. Even if Bilbo was no expert on Dwarves, he was traveling with a group of them and such love for gold must have become evident to him by now or so thought the young boy.

Estel's eyes looked upwards for a few seconds as he thought about Bilbo's question. In the end he decided to be humble and go with a simple answer. "All I know is that you live beneath the land or inside it somehow. It makes sense after what you've said about your people loving the land and all that grows in it. Though I really have no idea how a Hobbit hole is like on the inside, though I suppose it is more than a simple hole on the ground? Please, share!" His last plea was enthusiastic and his boyish smile radiant.

Estel wasn't just gaining some knowledge about another people he knew little about, he was learning to gain a respect for Bilbo's people out of the simple things they cared about. A respect that later on was sure to grow and guide his relationship with Hobbits for all his life. As Gandalf would say, it is strange how simple words of kindness can lead to great things and those being shared by Bilbo and young Aragorn were sure to do so for King Elessar Telcontar would never allow anyone to take away from the Hobbits their beloved land, in whole or in part, even when he reclaimed all other lands of ancient Arnor as a Dúnedain kingdom once more.
Title: Youthful and Elvish Topics
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For a young child, Estel made good points; but then Bilbo had already been noticing and wondering at that. He was no prophetic himself, and never would be one, but it would not surprise him if this well spoken slightly mysterious youth went on to higher aims than he here put to himself.

Yet, that Estel was just a curious, kindly child, was also very evident. Bilbo smiled, "No, I believe it would be quite unfair to ask you still to title me if I drop it, so just Bilbo shall do", he nodded.

The thought hit Bilbo, as he listened to Estel go on stating that simple, childish wisdom that perhaps all so unhindered were just better at than the adults around them, that Thorin Oakenshield could learn a thing or two listening to this lad, not that he would ever suggest such to the Dwarven King.

Estel's slip into Sindarin was not all that surprising, if he had grown in this city for any extended amount of time, as it was now more clear he had.

It was intriguing to say the least, the boy's whispered statement on knowing of guardian's of the Shire, and here even giving a small bit of info on them. Oh, Bilbo knew what those in the Shire would tell him, of course, some random child of man insinuating the Shire needed or had "guardians". Utter Cracked Nonsense, they would deem it, was just a beginning feeling, but Bilbo had a "beginning feeling" his own neighbors may...not be as wise as he hitherto viewed them; he...may not have been as fully wise before.

Bilbo believed the lad, for a reason he couldn't place, yet instinctively and implicitly. He nodded, "Well, I won't pull from you more than you wish to say, but...I do give you such word to keep what you have even now said and any further a secret". The hobbit nodded solemnly his promise. If nothing else because he would guard the boy even this early into meeting him from any criticism his foolish neighbors would launch were he to say anything.

Master Baggins had no context for even the world Sauron, but it had a foul taste even in hearing it, and the hobbit felt an odd dread. He would have tried to form a question on this, but Estel moved on to answering what he knew of the Shire, and Bilbo found himself latching to the subject change as well. He...hadn't really even wanted try and ask, some of that ingrained Hobbit sense still with him of if one couldn't see it, it didn't exist.

The lad's assumption and trying to put the Hobbit love of the land to other kinds was not off and quite clever and on track all in all. Was it not Dwarvish love of gold that was the very reason he was traipsing along after 13 homeland claimers? Oh sure, many would point out the homeland, but Bilbo had caught many a mention of the gold in said homeland as well.

Ah, but he couldn't fault Estel not knowing on Hobbit Holes, few who hadn't spoken to an actual hobbit could be expected to know! "Not a false assumption, in trying to make words on a page fit the concept" he was quick to reassure the boy as he went on to fulfill the request and Share, "But no, it is nothing like a mere hole in the ground, those are dank and musty and dirt filled, and no self respecting Hobbit would ever have that in their home! The very dwarves I'm traveling with have even tried to pull a comparison between their caverns and our hobbit holes, now that they have seen both. Well, I wonder how they could after seeing both, and I suppose I should be kind in criticizing what I haven't seen for myself yet, but after hearing them explain even their finely carved stone, it seems to me one still gets the sense of being in a cave even after all their work, and you never get that sense or even would think you're in a hole in a Hobbit hole", Bilbo had found his topic and continued on in explaining it!

"It's...not unlike a finely decorated house of Men, in a way, inside, though the whole style doesn't really put itself to the same decorating sense. Cozy is the word I'd put to it. Finely made, if varying due to income, wood floors, and fully made walls and ceilings, again with not a speck of dust to be seen. Windows put where the hill allows for and a hearth and fire. It does still come off rounded I suppose, the door frames and all, and even the front door, but if you saw it, it fits as anything squared like in the above ground houses would just come off odd on a Hobbit hole".

A fond smile came as Bilbo went on, thinking on BagEnd for explaining of course, yet allowing for what he'd even seen in neighbors or even his gardner, Holman's house. "Now my own dwelling, BagEnd, has a separate fire and hearth in the kitchen, but that does vary by space, I'd say, my gardner, Holman's space making due with just one for the whole of the small space, but even he takes pride in a clean home and for his gardening work, you'd never see a trace of mud or dirt tracked through...beyond the front mat".

It briefly hit Bilbo's mind to try and further explain varying but similar Cozy feels by explaining how such...boisterous households as the Brandybuck's made it work around quite a few generations all under one roof, but...that took a skill of elocution even Bilbo Baggins wasn't sure if he was possessed of.

"Well, but I'm throwing quite the explanation at you, is any of this helping?", Bilbo turned back to Estel again, reminding himself he was explaining to a child, if a clever seeming child, and may be going too far into fond memories to be of good explaining use.
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Estel opened a big, happy smile as his reply to Bilbo on letting him call the Hobbit by his first name too. He had the impression they would grow close with time. From where the young boy was taking such a fanciful notion? That feeling he had just had a few moments ago. He just knew somehow Bilbo would be a part of his life. How or in which capacity he couldn't actually begin to fathom right now. It also didn't matter for the boy. "Then so be it, Bilbo. I really like your name. It has an interesting sound to it. Does it mean anything or is it just a name?" Estel couldn't stop being inquisitive. It was part of being young. Not that he was consciously trying to pry.

The boy was happy about the fact that the Hobbit had believed him when he spoke about the protectors of Eriador. He also felt a strong liking towards the life of a ranger and wished to become one once he was grown up and skilled enough. Estel knew it wasn't an easy life and that by following such path, he'd face many hardships. Weren't all those people out there suffering as well? The boy understood he needed the shelter that Lord Elrond had offered him and his mother, but he wasn't going to overstay his welcome by more than time enough to become his own man and follow his own path. The young lad already had a strong sense of responsibility and honor, given to him by his foster father, his mother and his father's best friend, Halbaron. He just didn't want to let any of them down by leading a meaningless life.

"Once there was a great kingdom of Men called Arnor that encompassed much of Eriador, Bilbo, including the lands that now belong to the Shire, the city of Bree and many other places that today are just either ruins or wild lands. These Men were of a noble line, descendants of the great Númenóreans, the Faithful, as some called them. War and strife destroyed the great kingdom bit by bit throughout this age of the world and some of those lands changed hands by right of use, such as the ones that now belong to your people, but the descendants of those who once lived there keep defending all the lands that once belonged to Arnor and all the life that now inhabits them from the Ancient enemy, Sauron, the Dark Lord, very nasty type, and his forces. You know, Orcs, Trolls and other sorts of horrible creatures…" Estel explained what he knew. Such history lesson was available in the books located at Rivendell's library actually, many of which Estel spends his days reading ever since he learned how to do so. Imladris had an impressive collection of books that Elrond and Erestor had collected throughout their long lives.

Estel opened one of those shinning smiles of his as Bilbo told him that his previous assumption had been right about Hobbit holes. It was a part of youth to just be taken when someone gave them any kind of flattering, deserving or not. Positive reinforcement is a way of teaching after all. "That's so great to know." He said enthusiastically as if the rest of his demeanor wasn't cue enough of his state of mind. When the boy noticed Bilbo was about to begin speaking again and fulfill his request for sharing knowledge about Hobbit holes, Estel felt like he was going to explode with so much happiness and it showed in his countenance.

Estel was going to know more about Hobbits!! It didn't even cross his young mind that such would only be fair after he had shared a bit of his own people's history with Bilbo. Not that he was aware that the Dúnedain are his people at all yet. Maybe that was also a reason why the boy was so amazed by Bilbo. He knew so much about himself when everything about Estel's own origin and birth father was rather foggy to him. Beyond he was killed by Orcs, he hadn't been told much so far. Yet he wasn't about to judge the wisdom of people who, besides being much older than himself, were also wiser and he knew both his foster father and his mother loved him very much. If they were holding something back from him, it was for the better. Estel's attention and thoughts then went entirely into absorbing the wealth of knowledge on Hobbits that Bilbo was willing to share as requested.

"Yes!!!!!" Estel replied excitedly to Bilbo's question about his explanation on Hobbit holes helping in his understanding of the subject. Sure he had to stop for a few seconds to process all the information just given, but it is remarkable how young minds have greater memory and fast learning abilities. Estel wasn't different from other kids his age in that department. After it all managed to sink in and be processed by him, the boy felt he should say something that would be showing Bilbo his understanding.

"I must confess that the only place I can recall by memory is Rivendell. Where I lived before? I can only remember there were a lot of trees all around, the birds were always chirping. It isn't a clear memory… Though I have seen in some books how some houses of Men are on the inside. My mother also had some drawings of the interior of her house from before she was wedded to my father. I think I do understand what you mean by wanting everything clean even when the wind is trying to blow dirt in through the windows or the door, if left open for too long, all the time." Estel said and then after a little more thought added.

"I've also seen drawings of Dwarven halls on books at the library here. They are all richly carved, it seems, but the lack of natural light from the outside can be a little unnerving. I mean… except for the entrances and exits you are literally beneath the ground and there is a whole mountain over your head! I think I would be slightly uncomfortable myself, though if I am to be honest with you I'd like to one day be invited to see one with my own eyes." The boy shared his thoughts on what he had the chance to see of Dwarven Halls. Actually he would like to see a Hobbit hole just the same, but it was impolite to ask to be invited to someone else's home. Estel didn't mind talking about the Dwarves caves because he wasn't talking to a Dwarf.  

"I know people are treated differently in some places. You know… on the fact they have only what they can afford. The Elves seem to be more generous within their societies tending to share their resources more equally. I don't think I believe in seeing people in a different way. Aren't we all here to share this world together? In a way we are all kin, aren't we? Maybe I have just lived too long among Elves… I sometimes wonder how I would fare in a world that thinks in such way…" Estel actually wondered what could've happened to him should Elrond not take him and his mother in as he had done. Would he have led a poor life with his mother? Certainly he would be less learned and in more need than he ever remembered finding himself in. His smile grew at that thought. He really loved Elrond as a son to a father. He was his father. He was his mentor and his protector. Isn't that what all fathers are? What his own father would've tried his best to be for him were he still alive?
Title: Youthful and Elvish Topics
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In his talking with Estel, something kindled and remained still within Bilbo as well. He would hardly have jumped to identify himself as 'good with children', certainly when any relations stopped by he did his best with their small broods that may trail along after and had many a book that would interest if they were old enough to read, and more importantly kept them from investigating the dish-wares and jumping from the furniture. If they were so young that a sort of story-time was required, well, Uncle Bilbo (who hardly felt deserving and at ease enough for the title) had tried his hand at such, but near peril was hard put into believable words when a visit from the Sackvilles was as dangerous as Bilbo had encountered.

Not now. Now if any such tales ever told of Wargs, Bilbo was sure he could tell in real detail exactly how some brave warrior may feel escaping them! Yet, for all his inexperience with children, Estel could be counted a companionable sort of discussion. The Hobbit wasn't too ill at ease, though it came here and there with just the fluster an honest child's inquiries had the power to create, but he felt he was finding his way through it perhaps.

He had to laugh, though not unkindly, at the question on his name. "Not one I can recall", he answered, "It's just a standard sort of Hobbit name, and if any skills were wished to be imparted by my parents, it was that of a comfortable and respectable life. Gandalf, decided I needed more", were true enough statements, and the Hobbit smiled as he said them. Only time would tell if Gandalf was right.

Though, he had once heard a rumor of his name meaning something like Sharp or such, but hardly thought that would apply to even he, the Troll Arguer.

"What of your own, Young Estel?', Bilbo hoped he didn't go on and open up any unwanted things by asking into such a thing as a name this boy's parents, his father at least, who was clearly not about anymore had perhaps imparted, and which the words on foster child were enough to impart. "Any meanings you know of?".

Yet, more surprising than just that, for whatever knowledge the child may have of his own name, he had learned much reading up on pretty near everything else. And Gandalf said books alone were useless! Though the Hobbit had the feeling this lad would be stretching his wings as soon as he could. Most children operated such, himself included at that age, he recalled and as Gandalf had recalled as well.

Bilbo found himself his own sort of mesmerized as the lad went on. Before he was asked on Hobbit Holes, that was. Sauron. It still sent an undefinable chill through the Hobbit. Such a name even spoken alone seemed to only belong to one wholly bent on evil, if such could truly exist; the in many ways still naive Hobbit found the concept a bit hard. Maybe he should ask what Gandalf also knew on the subject at some point hence in the Journey, or even as they remained in Rivendell. Bilbo hoped even against Thorin Oakenshield's discomfort, to their staying at least a bit. They could stay here forever, and he would little care!

Apparently he had not done too shabbily in explaining what was familiar of his Hobbit Hole to the lad, maybe there was hope yet for his own nieces and nephews (as was the easiest way to title his distant cousins kids, never-mind a true lack of siblings) to not be forever bored by his story telling technique. Oh sure, Trolls and Wargs were likely not suitable topic and their parents would object.

Estel opened up oddly, explaining into wherever it was he lived before coming to the Elvish city, and wherever it was, Bilbo had no more clear an idea than some wood as well as the child no doubt thought by the images conjured up. "It sounds very nice, and I myself can attest to how nice even such a simple thing as a bird chirping outside one's window is". If the Shire had one thing, it was tranquil peace.

"Yes", Bilbo chuckled and nodded as Estel explained what he had read on Dwarvish cities and their pillars. "My own companions tried explaining it to me a time or two, and...well it does sound a bit more constricting and truly underground without a window to it but for perhaps some rare spots. How Dwarves live without that much sunlight I shall never fathom most likely".

"A Hobbit Hole is more...within the ground than under it", and even if Bilbo had described Hobbit Holes in detail before, he found he liked this added sort of comparison. He feared Estel had misunderstood, though, as the boy went on to state how he, after living here, could not really fathom such a system as classes and one or another being viewed better for more privilege. A defense was on the tip of his tongue, before he realized maybe it was just an excuse and Estel had the situation figured aright.

Bilbo swallowed, "You know...I believe you may just be correct, I've no idea why some of my own think having more money than another makes them better, and while I've tried to not do such myself, maybe...maybe even I could be better at it". Yes. Probably he could. "You are quite wise for your age, Estel, or maybe that shouldn't surprise me seen as how many years you have had to learn such Wisdom from the Elves".