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Title: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Faramir on April 08, 2016, 04:22:38 PM
36 • Destined to marry Éowyn ( • Man
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Say hello to Faramir, Captain of the Ithilien Rangers and full-time cinnamon roll.

Beginning life as a gentle, imaginative child he has grown into an equally gentle, noble and fair-minded man.  Many of Faramir’s traits are befitting a Captain; he is kind, selfless, loyal, quietly courageous, unwavering and decisive.  A fair and merciful leader, talented in combat and strategic planning, his morals are what guide him, helping Faramir make sense of the world and guarantee that his word is his bond.  This could very well be the reason he inspires the confidence and admiration of his men.

It’s just a pity that he occasionally finds himself crippled by feelings of low self-worth.  His desire to please his father, to earn his love and respect, is dangerous in that it alone can move him to acting against his better judgement.

A sensitive creature, Faramir harbours a great love of lore, history and music and, despite being a Ranger, he cares little for war and arms.  To him, it is a means to an end, and one that is unfortunately necessary.  Having no desire for glory, he will not risk his life – or the lives of his men – without due cause.

Naturally the son of the Steward can be found easily in Gondor, either in Minas Tirith or elsewhere.

There is no room for romantic plotting with Faramir, sorry ladies!  He is destined to marry Éowyn after the War of the Ring and, to my mind, he does not know love before this.  Truth be told he is too busy focusing on his family – on his brother, on whom his sun rises and sets, and his polluted, distant father – to cast a lingering eye on any womenfolk.  His honourable nature will keep him from any short-lived or salacious interactions.
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Varda on April 08, 2016, 11:32:36 PM
Time to toss characters at you (almost all of which won't really meet Faramir until close to the end of the War of the Ring but we can still plan (and maybe thread that far?) >.>)

Eomer & Faramir: Oh, there is so much razzing in my head on the part of Eomer towards his sister's suitor and I can totally see Eomer coming up with obscure (or non-existent) Rohirrim courting rituals and generally be the overprotective, scary big brother that not-so secretly actually approves. But after that, I can see the two of becoming pretty good friends.

Celeborn & Faramir: I can honestly see these two getting on pretty well and in the book Cel and Galady accompany Arwen & Co to Minas Tirith for the wedding and they can meet then.

Sam & Faramir: These two likely have an interesting relationship since they don't exactly meet in the best circumstances and yet I can see Sam coming to admire Faramir.

Elrond & Faramir: I don't know if Faramir has ever gone to Rivendell before but even if he hadn't, Elrond comes to Minas Tirith with Arwen and would totally be interested in this Man that knows so much.

I also have a few other Elves (as you well know) from Rivendell that could conceivably follow Elrond to Minas Tirith and a Ranger around in the LOTR. Anardil, my Gondorian noble, could be alive at the same time as Faramir (as a super old dude and Faramir as a young boy).
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Faramir on April 10, 2016, 02:05:00 PM
Ahh, we have so many wonderful plotting opportunities Becca! <3  We can absolutely thread, however late in the war these plots may take place – between the books and the movies I have no excuse for not having a fair grasp of Faramir’s personal development. ~

Éomer & Faramir

THIS.  I would love to see Éomer come up with all manner of existent and non-existent courtship rituals for Faramir – ever earnest and eager to please you know the Ranger will go through with them whatever his doubts!  In the long run, I would love to see these two form a close friendship.  Following the War of the Ring, Faramir has lost his entire family and the death of his brother is most keenly felt, making Éowyn and Éomer his newfound kin.  Perhaps we could start off with a thread based on your suggestion?  Some fun and amusement with a ritual?  I don’t know if you need help coming up with something but, if you do, I recall my German housemate telling me of a tradition that sees men cutting down birch trees, decorating them with ribbons and hearts, then setting them outside their darling’s door or window.  Perhaps we could do some spin on this?  That being said, I’m game for anything and Faramir is so gentle and deeply in love he’ll embrace Rohirric traditions.  He’s at Éomer’s mercy! :D

Celeborn & Faramir

I would love for them to meet and I imagine they would get along swimmingly!  I wonder if this could be a group thread, between Celeborn, Galadriel, Faramir and Éowyn (Raven is in the process of apping her).  Something set during the feasting that follows the ceremony, which could then splinter off into some one-on-one threads.  Hmm.  What do you think?

Sam & Faramir

Samwise Gamgee is love. <3  Again, a possible group thread with Frodo, Samwise and Faramir?  Silence could even join us with Sméagol.  In any case, I can’t help but think of this exchange from The Two Towers:

Sam:  Captain Faramir, you have shown your quality, sir – the very highest.
Faramir:  The Shire must truly be a great realm, Master Gamgee, where gardeners are held in high honour.

They have a difficult start, to be sure, but I would love to see them develop a mutual respect and understanding. ~

Elrond & Faramir

I have it in my head that Faramir hasn’t actually travelled outside of Gondor prior to the War of the Ring.  For being learned, through books and lore, he actually has little hands-on experience of the world outside the borders he defends.  As you say though, they can meet whenever Elrond travels to Minas Tirith.  Faramir is ever eager to learn – and is very fond of Gandalf – so I can imagine these two having very long, interesting conversations.


There are other character choices but I say we start off we these for now.  I’m glad for all these options, we really don’t get to write together nearly enough! *snugs*
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Varda on April 21, 2016, 04:32:41 AM
Eomer & Faramir: Yes, this should totally be the first thread that we should do (at least between these two) since I think Eomer will need something light-hearted to do after the War. And I'm sure I can come up with ideas *Eomer grins rather evilly*

Celeborn & Faramir: I'm fine with doing a group thread that splits up if everyone else is. I can ask Kyla if she wants to do it? But even if that doesn't work, we can still totally thread these two.

Sam & Faramir: I think perhaps with these two, maybe their very first meeting would be a good place, group thread or no.

Elrond & Faramir: Yes, I can see him not leaving Gondor. And Elrond doesn't really go anywhere besides Elven realms, or maybe Isengard before Saruman turns evil. But long, intriguing conversations are a must.
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Faramir on May 28, 2016, 08:09:48 PM
Sorry for taking so long to respond, Becca! *snugs*

Éomer & Faramir

Ehehee, brilliant, I'm looking forward to it. :D  Would you mind starting this thread?

Celeborn & Faramir

Yes please, ask Kyla is she's game for a group thread and let me know!

Sam & Faramir

First meeting sounds good!  We should speak to Quillnink, it'd be wonderful to have Frodo in on this too. ~

Elrond & Faramir

I could start this one, if you like?  Set it after the War of the Ring, when Elrond travels to Minas Tirith with Arwen?
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Becca on June 07, 2016, 04:26:34 AM
Eomer & Faramir: Not at all. It might take a bit though since I'm horribly behind on posts and such >.>

Celeborn & Faramir: I'm going to have to wait until I get my laptop back to IM her since the power chord went bye-bye but a new one should be here this week some time.

Sam & Faramir: Yes, having Frodo involved would be fun.

Elrond & Faramir: If you could start it, that would be grand, Cass.
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Faramir on June 15, 2016, 01:55:30 PM
Wonderful, thanks Becca!  My starter may also take a while to appear, between me being behind and life kicking my butt.  I'll drop you the link on Skype when it's posted. ~
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: val-Pippin Took on June 23, 2016, 12:40:21 AM
Faramir and Pippin
These two might’ve met up late in the game, but Faramir probably did encounter Pippin here during the latter’s time in Gondor, and obviously again after Pip would return there, but that would be far in the future. Would you like to figure and thread where that might go? And don’t worry about being on the slow end of things, it so happens I might have to be the same myself soon-ish.
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Faramir on July 02, 2016, 01:36:25 PM
Faramir & Pippin

You beat me to this Val, I'd been planning to hit up Pippin's plotter!  I would love, love, love to have threads with these two and, truth be told, I imagine they forge a lasting friendship given that Pippin later names his son after Faramir and given Faramir owes his life to Pippin (  In return, I know the Ranger will harbour a deep respect of Pippin for his courage, generosity and good humour.  Perhaps something based around (or after) this encounter (  Or whatever you have in mind, I'm wide open to ideas!  Also, your understanding of my tardiness is much appreciated. <3
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: val-Pippin Took on July 02, 2016, 08:57:27 PM
Faramir and Pippin
Urk, I knew there was a reason to go re-watch extended editions past Fellowship! That encounter could be as good starting point as any provided we don’t have anything after it that may affect the existing plot? And maybe Pippin might even be able to show Faramir that he can be his own person rather than Boromir’s shadow eventually, who knows?

Then there’s the aftermath to deal with which they never really showed and everything else to go from there? Though I’m not at all sure what ‘everything else’ covers, but something probably can be fitted into between after the battle and Aragorn’s coronation?... *goes nosing around the net for second and third parts of LoTR*
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Varda on August 02, 2016, 01:42:44 AM
Just popping back in, Cass, to say that Eomer/Faramir starter will still be happening ASAP. Though I still need to talk to Frodo and Galadriel's players about group threads, unless you were going to approach Frodo's?
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Faramir on November 24, 2016, 01:30:33 PM
I've been gone for what feels like a million years but at last I seem to be getting into the swing of posting again.  Sort of. XD

Faramir & Pippin
That sounds like perfection!  It will take time and encouragement, but Faramir will have to learn to step out from his beloved brother's shadow.  He never gets the recognition from his father he so desired, so the kindness and insight of others is invaluable to him. <3  An aftermath thread would be a brilliant starting point too, we might even have more freedom with such an interaction.  Merry spends time in the Houses of Healing after the Battle of Pelennor, and Pippin surely visits him often, so perhaps they spend time together conversing in the gardens?  And Faramir can thank Pippin then, for saving his life.

Any preference on who starts? :)


I haven't spoken to either of them, but I shall make a point of dropping them a message today!  Dory is playing Éowyn now so I shall mention it to her.  Also, I hope to have that starter up for Elrond in the next day or two.  I'm slowly getting back into the way of posting, starting with Faramir. ~
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Quillnink on November 30, 2016, 12:00:50 AM
Feeling some inspiration brewing!  Looking forward to a group thread.

First meetings sound great, a bit of dialog till the skirmish in Ithilian gets going.
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Faramir on November 30, 2016, 03:05:28 AM
Faramir & Frodo & Sam

I totally forgot that we don't have an active Gollum at the moment.  Nevertheless, we can still thread!  The pair will spend some time in Faramir's company, given that he drags them from Ithilien to Osgiliath with the initial intention of bringing them to Minas Tirith.  Sorry guys, going by the movie canon you don't exactly see Faramir at his finest.  Any preference on who starts?  I think it might be best if one of you do, if only to set up the scene of the Rangers attacking the Haradrim and their awe of the Oliphaunts.  I'm flexible, though. ~
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Quillnink on November 30, 2016, 04:10:59 AM
Just to confirm here, we are going full movie canon here?
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Faramir on November 30, 2016, 04:14:38 AM
Faramir & Frodo & Sam

Yep, we go with the movie canon where it deviates from the books.  That doesn't mean we can't thread out interactions we didn't see in the films, of course. :)
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Lothíriel on April 13, 2017, 02:12:55 PM
Lothíriel & Faramir: Cousins! I have a couple of ideas we could pursue for these two, both for younger Loth and War-era Loth. Younger Loth visited Minas Tirith in the summers, usually, so no doubt she was shadowing her brothers and cousins and bothering them. The family's time spent going to Minas Tirith dies off as she gets older, though, but perhaps Faramir and Loth have some discussions when her betrothal to Maethor is announced? And then of course she is in the Houses with him, so they could even discuss his own feelings for Éowyn (and maybe Faramir and Éowyn are part of the reason she and Éomer come together). Let me know what you think!
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Faramir on April 29, 2019, 07:56:15 PM
Lothíriel & Faramir

So it's only taken me two years to reply to this. I'm sorry Meren, I've been MIA for the longest time! If you're still around and interested, I would love to plot. <3

I feel Faramir will be immensely fond of his scholarly, dutiful cousin and see her as something of a kindred spirit. I'm quite certain he will have visited Dol Amroth at times during his youth, though I doubt it was with the same frequency that Lothíriel visited Minas Tirith. Summers spent together would give their relationship a strong foundation, even with their age difference. They are both fond of books, so I can see them having spent time in the libraries (with Faramir frequently sending books to Lothíriel in Dol Amroth) and, more tragically, they were both robbed of their respective mothers at a young age. There is also the possibility that Faramir encouraged Lothíriel in her archery.

I'm grateful for your thread ideas, with so many possibilities it's difficult to know where to start! Faramir could easily travel to Dol Amroth when Lothíriel's betrothal to Maethor is announced, giving them the opportunity to talk. No doubt there will be celebrations and gifts given to the couple. I would also love them to interact in the Houses of Healing; Lothíriel would surely be aware of how much time her cousin has been spending with Éowyn and if Faramir is to be candid with anyone, I imagine it would be her. We could also have a thread set the night before the doomed assault on Osgiliath, which could be heart-wrenching.

I don't mind where we start, but I feel I must warn you I'm a slow writer. Life is especially busy for me at the moment - between twin babies and moving house - but I'm determined to write more and don't plan on vanishing again any time soon. :)
Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Eorik on April 30, 2019, 03:09:40 AM

So you know me; I have this silly, self-conscious phobia of throwing OC's at canons and into canon character's plots, but I got here eventually anyway (after lots of settling into Eorik) so here goes. xD

10/10 they should meet; I'm pretty sure even though Eorik is super serious and dutiful at times (could put Eowyn's poker face to shame) that his gained moniker of The Gentle Wolf would suit only Faramir better than anyone else. Not only that, but it's probably unavoidable given Faramir's hardly a crusty noble looking down on high at the common soldier/peasants. And Rik's ended up headed towards being a permanent fixture in the lives of the Rohirric royal family, in the present and future. He was Eomer's lieutenant before the injuries he sustained at Pelennor (they're going to have a permanent effect on his abilities as a soldier, so no more big battles or cavalry charges for him) and in the present, is being forced to learn and accept the extent of his injuries and how it'll affect his future.

Which is also sort of planned, and it involves Lothiriel. The plot is to send him home to his family (which is also mildly tragic because I'm mean at times, as that doesn't include his deceased wife and stillborn daughter) but because he met Loth in the Houses of Healing and a) assisted her with caring for his men, b ) gained her trust and c) knows Rohan like the back of his hand and doesn't have any desire to leave it of his own accord, will end up being asked to be Captain of her personal guard upon her marriage to Eomer.

So anyway, I need to stop dithering one-sided so we can actually brainstorm, but these boi's have got to meet.


She knew Finduilas. She probably met him as a tiny one. She married Haleth and returned to Rohan, but still lived years in Gondor, so we know she can read, write, maths and speak both tongues/be translator. She has a treasure trove of naughty childhood stories about Eowyn because you know, being married to Haleth aka a close companion/loyalist to Thengel makes for great opportunities there. She's also a terrible romantic, we know this. I want them. xD <3

Title: Re: Darkness will not Endure
Post by: Faramir on April 30, 2019, 10:20:02 PM
I'm delighted you've offered up your wonderful OCs, Dory! I'm heading to bed but wanted to respond here before I hit the hay. <3

Eorik & Faramir

I would love for these two to meet! It's possible their paths could cross in the Houses of Healing, in the days following the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Otherwise they would meet when Faramir travels to Rohan. They are certain to be acquainted with another eventually, what with Eorik set to become the Captain of Lothíriel's personal guard! Eorik is a loyal, resilient sort and Faramir is sure to respect that, and trust that his beloved cousin is in capable hands.

Sefa & Faramir

Okay, so we've talked about these two a bit already. I love the idea of Sefa knowing Finduilas, and meeting Faramir when he is only smol. The grief he feels at the loss of his mother is a permanent fixture; no less present in his later years, despite its growing manageability. He would be glad of someone to help keep Finduilas alive in his mind, to remind him of the similarities they share. Naturally Faramir is going to want to hear all those tales of his wild love's childhood days - and there are some traditional Rohirric songs he's going to need translated! :-* Do you have any preference where we start?