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Title: Welcome to Lothlorien!
Post by: Noruiniven on November 10, 2014, 11:51:00 PM
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Noruiniven is a guard of Lothlorien. He specializes in border patrols, and is generally friendly towards those who don't threaten his home. So if you're an Orc or other foul creature, you might want to consider staying away. He considers himself an excellent marksmen among the rest of his kin, and if anything should happen he won't hesitate to take action! Among his own people he likes to think himself very gentlemanly and kind. He tells me he likes to spend as much time as possible in the field, protecting the borders, but he does like to hunt and enjoys the solitary, quiet moments life has to offer. Of course, he doesn't mind those moments being broken by friends, or an urgent call to something happening on the border.

FRIENDS  - I'm sure if you're not too busy, you could count Niven among your friends! He's loyal, likes to think himself honest.

ENEMIES - these are few, unless you're an Orc or a dark lord, or something wicked! Or maybe you two just don't get along to the point of even breathing the same as air as Niven is annoying to you.

LOVERS - Niven isn't looking for Love. But it isn't uncommon for him to be turned by a pretty face, and of course children. He loves children, and sometimes thinks it would be nice to have some of his own. But his mother, the memories of her coldness towards him, keeps him from jumping into things he believes he doesn't need to.

PLOTTING PREFERENCE: As many threads as you like, almost anywhere you like! the closer to Lothlorien the better!! He rarely goes beyond the woods, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't from time to time. So anywhere around Lothlorien, between Mirkwood, even Mirkwood, or Lorien and Fangorn, and Rohan, and the Misty Mountains and Rivendell!